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Katze dropping by for a hello


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Hi Guys,

It's been 10 years or so since I was a member of JG1 and they were the most informative and pleasureable years of my squadron flying.

About that time I left the current servers to become more deeply involved with DCS.

So I'm interested now in understanding just where JG1 is regarding servers and primarily with the advent of the FW190-A8 if DCS is it the program of choice.

Since I am well invested in DCS and all they "toys" they offer, I would stay in their system and servers.

I am very interested to know if JG1 has migrated to the DCS servers and maps.

Best regards to the squadron,



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Hey Katz, as I mentioned in your PM, it's great to talk with you again!

We haven't had the chance to fly the Fw 190A-8 very much yet.  But a lot of us are very excited to check her out.  The I-16 as well.

Do you fly any of the modern DCS aircraft?  We fly most of the modern fixed wing aircraft, as well as a few helos.

We actually just participated in a DCS event today, flying our beloved MiG-21bis:


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Hi Klaiber,

In modern aircraft, I fly (or rather have flown):

F-86, Mirage 2000, Harrier, F-18C, F-14B, A-10, FC3 - mix

Currently, I'm conentrating on the F-18C at the expense of the others. I putz around a bit in the F14-B and avoid the FC3 mix. If I was to expand beyond the F18-C and requal. it would be the Mirage 2000.


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