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FIF 2019 "Spring Campaign" - Session B4 (Saturday, 29 June 2019)

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The FIF 2019 "Spring Campaign" has officially come to an end!
Now this was a campaign that I wished I could have flown in!

Not only was the plane-set a really nice mix of aircraft, but the scores throughout were so very close.  First Red was up, then Blue, then Red.  Back and forth.  Honestly, I can't help but be reminded of that famous remark by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, after the Battle of Waterloo - "It has been a damned nice thing - the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life."

To put things in perspective, the Red Team won Phase A by only 3 points...  They won Phase B by only 4...

That means that a couple of objectives here and there were the deciding factors.  A near-run thing indeed!

The Blue Team kicked ass in this campaign, and should be extremely proud of themselves.  You guys did an amazing job.

Honestly, when you're creating an event like FIF, these are the type of results you want to see.  Matches that really get your blood pumping. So, I truly hope that everyone had a great time.

As we break for the Summer,  I hope that everyone enjoys some much needed rest and relaxation.  We'll see you all in the Fall!

In the meantime, let us lift our glasses filled with our favorite libations and toast our virtual opponents.  Prost!  Salut!
To celebrate the conclusion of the Spring Campaign, here is the FIF campaign ribbon.

Red for the Red Team.  Blue for the Blue Team.

Large version:


Small version:


And as always, thank you to every pilot who flew!

Without your continued support, this tournament would not be able to function!

The scores for Session B4 are shown below.

. . .

FIF 2019 "Spring Campaign" - B4 Results (Saturday, 29 June 2019):
Blue (Entente) Objectives Completed: 16

  1. Destroyed Central Factory
  2. Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed
  3. Reconnaissance of Front Lines (Trench Map) Completed
  4. Destroyed Central Tanks at Factory
  5. HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Completed
  6. Destroyed Central Bridge
  7. Destroyed Central Aerodrome
  8. Central General Captured
  9. Destroyed Central HQ
  10. Entente Prisoner Rescued
  11. Trench Attack Completed
  12. Reserve Unit Destroyed
  13. HQ Recon Secondary Objective Completed
  14. Central Moving Train Destroyed
  15. Wreath Drop Completed
  16. Front Line Unit Destroyed

Red (Central) Objectives Completed: 16

  1. Espionage Completed
  2. Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed
  3. HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Completed
  4. Destroyed Entente Aerodrome
  5. Entente Moving Ship Destroyed
  6. Destroyed Entente Factory
  7. Destroyed Entente Bridge
  8. Central Prisoner Rescued
  9. Destroyed Entente HQ
  10. Strategic Recon Completed
  11. Espion Target Destroyed
  12. Reserve Unit Destroyed
  13. Front Line Unit Destroyed
  14. Off-Road Entente convoy Destroyed
  15. Wreath Drop Completed
  16. HQ Recon Secondary Objective Completed

Total "Phase B" Objectives Completed (PHASE B FINAL)
Blue Team = 13 + 14 + 9 + 16 = 52 = 0 PHASE POINT
Red Team = 13 + 11 + 16 + 16 = 56 = 1 PHASE POINT

Total "Phase A" Objectives Completed (PHASE A FINAL)
Blue Team = 11 + 14 + 16 + 12 = 53 = 0 PHASE POINT
Red Team = 15 + 12 + 14 + 15 = 56 = 1 PHASE POINT
. . .
Server Stat Information: http://fif.jg1.org/mission/8952/

. . .
Server Screenshots:






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