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Assetto Corsa Server Manager Updates

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I will post the changes to this program here.

Assetto Corsa Server Manager v1.3.3


* We have made significant changes to Live Timings in this update, including:
  - A new page layout which should hopefully give more space for the Live Timings table, with the map slightly reduced in size.
  - Live Timings and the Live Map now both use the same source for data, meaning that your browser doesn't need to make as many requests to find out information.
  - Live Timings now use a more standard time format (e.g. 01:23.234 instead of 1m23.234s).
  - Crashes involving Drivers now show the name of the other Driver that was involved in the crash.
  - Track information has been moved into a popover which appears when you click the session title on the Live Timings page.
  - Firefox map resizing bugs are now properly fixed.
  - Various other small bugs are fixed too.
  - A new grid layout for the IFrames on the Live Timings page. On larger screens, you can place two iframes side by side.
  This is quite a large change in terms of code. If you find any problems with Live Timings, please let us know and we will sort them out!
* You can now disable DRS Zones for any track in Custom Race / Championship Events. The drs_zones.ini file for the track
  is replaced with a 'no DRS' file, meaning that players can't activate DRS at any point on the circuit. Note: this changes
  actual track files, so if you're using a multi-server setup pointing to the same content folder, this may cause problems
  if you're running races at the same track simultaneously.
* Starting a Quick Race now takes you straight to the Live Timings page.
* Scheduled Championship events now show the start time of individual sessions if applicable.
* You can now explicitly control the Grid/Pit Box position of an entrant in Custom Races and Championships! This is
  useful if you want to place teammates next to each other in the pits, avoid broken pit boxes or have a custom
  starting grid for a race with no qualifying. It should auto fill sensibly if left alone too!
* Audit logs, Server Manager now locally tracks all actions carried out by registered users. Only admins can access
  the logs, and logging can be disabled in the config.yml. Logs are intended to help server admins track down users
  acting maliciously or just making mistakes, for example deleting a whole Championship an hour before it was
  meant to start (we're looking at you, Greg).
* Added a link to our new Wiki in the footer! If you want to contribute tips and tricks for Server Manager, the wiki is the place!
  You can access the wiki here: https://github.com/cj123/assetto-server-manager/wiki
* The Server Manager javascript is now minified, which should make the pages load quicker!
* Results tables now use the same time format as Live Timings (e.g. 01:23.234 instead of 1m23.234s).
* You can now split the JSON store into two separate directories: private and shared. This is useful for multiserver setups,
  where multiple instances of Server Manager can share the same database for Championships, Custom Races and AutoFill Entrants.
  Check out the config.yml for more details. Thanks to WraithStar for contributing this!
* Open Championships will no longer empty the team name of a driver that has a team name specified.
* Fixes an issue where tracks with a default layout and an extra layout (e.g. 'wet' tracks) would not be correctly set up
  from Quick Race.
* Users with read access or lower can no longer access replacement championship passwords by exporting the championship.
* Championship overview and add event pages will now warn the user if the selected track has too few pit boxes to accommodate
  the configured number of entrants.
* Changed how process killing is done on Windows, hopefully making stopping plugins more reliable! We've had some mixed results
  on this one, so we'd like to hear if it's working for you now!
* Result tables now hide the Team column if no driver in the results has a team.
* Improved the allowed tyres UI to more clearly show which is enabled and which is disabled.
* In an effort to reduce the build size and complexity, we have removed the old Entrant autofill method. This has been
  replaced by the more obvious dropdown in the Entrant box.

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