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On the AI Gunner issue


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This issue is in the forums.  This has been a problem for quite some time, and it only effects MP.  If you attack in SP, the gunners are ALOT less accurate.  People are always using the PE-2 as their example, but I am curious if the problem is across the board, or is it just the PE-2, or Russian aircraft in general?

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"Oh, Pen1s"  😅

I think there must be something wrong with me  😂

In all seriousness, from the video it appears that the gunners are able to shoot from angles that they can't possibly be able to point their guns to.  And, even if you disregard that, ask yourself this:  even at extreme angle shooting, those gunners can't possibly be putting their faces behind the gun sight.  That is, at best, they're "shooting from the hip".  So achieving that kind of accuracy at even angles that are in fact possible, is so improbable that it defies all odds of getting hits.

So at this point it's necessary to go into the whole MMP problem.  What you SEE is not at all times what is actually HAPPENING.  YOU may see the gunner hit you at a certain point; but the GAME may have decided that you were hit quite a way before that; so the way it plays out in video review (or your real-time MMP view) is not nearly what is going on as far as the game + server is concerned.

Throw all that out the window and there is still a lot that's suspect, obviously.  What exactly is the caliber of the SINGLE gun that the gunner is firing at you?  Is it EVER realistic that it could FLAME a metal plane that quickly, which is otherwise capable of standing up to quite a bit of damage from multi-very-large-caliber-gun damage from other aircraft, so easily?  I mean, it is always possible that a partially or almost fully empty tank full of fumes can explode, and I will not pretend to know exactly when rubber, self sealing tanks came into existence; but since the Japanese were famous for not having them in their zeros in WWII, one has to assume others did have something better.

As Kliegmann said "it only effects MP", and that is not surprising and is honestly a recurring theme in these sims.  In RoF, obviously made FAR in advance of this game, there's a huge gap between how game sounds work in MP and SP.  In SP, you get at least enough sounds to know when you're taking fire or being hit.  In MP, you most often get nothing at all and breakup can come as a complete surprise, having received no warning.  Just an example that may show that MP will always have noticeable problems that can never be totally overcome, or at least not without serious re-write of the game kernel itself.  I don't know about you guys, but I look at them as two separate games: the MP game and the SP game.  There are similarities, but even the FM's and DM"s do not act exactly the same, and you have to get a handle on that in order to compete successfully online.  That aspect comes without even thinking to veterans, for sure; they just take it for granted and don't even think about it.  Possibly the best MP pilots never even fly SP and never even notice or think about it.

From an outsider's point of view, that has to rank as an extremely grave problem that needs to be fixed.

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I have seen videos of Pe-2 Gunners with a single .30 take apart Fw-190s faster than I could with all eight .50s in a P-47.  The damage they can do is absurd.  And it's like a light switch.  one millisecond they can't get close to hitting you with a shot that any noob could score hits on and the next they just decide you shouldn't exist anymore, so you don't.

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