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S-97 Raider demo flight

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Sikorsky is headquartered about 20 minutes from me.  :)  So I have a lot of hometown pride.

My brother and I got an amazing tour of the Sikorsky headquarters 4 years back, and we got to see their Black Hawk and Seahawk production line.  My brother had done something for Sikorsky through his role as a college professor, so the tour was a thank you, and I was his +1. It was an amazing time.

Either way, we were lucky enough to have visited the facility on the same day that the S-97 performed it's first flight test (22 May 2015).  The S-97 was in West Palm Beach, Florida.  So, nowhere near us.  But they announced it over the loudspeaker while we were there and everyone was super psyched.  It was a very cool moment.

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