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4 hours ago, Lowengrin said:

Did you pause playing during the mission and run DCG?  If you do this, the date/time stamp will sync with the log and when the mission is complete, DCG will assume that the log has already been processed.  It's a bug (or maybe a feature...). 

Yes, I did exactly that. Thanks!

By the way, what happens if I say, open DCG at the beggining of a mission and close it, and then open it again when I'm about to quit mission? Would the date/time stamp sync again?

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My advice is if you want to tweak something in DCG, do it after you end the mission but before you leave the debrief screen.  Any time you open it during a mission, you'll screw up the sync. 

Just thinking out loud, I could modify DCG so that syncing is always optional/manual when the program is opened by the player.  So the player can decide whether to sync the mission results or not.  Or it only syncs when debriefing is required (by either the game or in the case of manual mission generation, at that time).

I wonder....?

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