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50% discount for a DCS module right now?

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Salute comrades!

As you probably know, the bonus system in DCS will be changed on the 1st August. Regards that, current bonus points could be used for 50% of a module's price (instead of 30% as usual) till the 1st August.

I have $26 bonus but I do not need anything from the shop... what's strange somehow... 😂🤔

So would somebody from you like to buy now some module from DCS with a discount up to 50% and do not wait till next sales? If somebody has an interest, just PM me. That would be pity for me to lose such chance. 

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Oh, the L-39 is a great plane and, as an instructor, a fine airplane to teach with as you can sit in the back with a student up front.  Yeah, might not be the best use in DCS, but I'd fly observer in the cold war server as an extra set of eyes in a Fox-2 loaded Albatross. 

Makes me want to revisit the JG-1 Aerobatic team idea. :wub:

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31 minutes ago, GenMarkof007 said:

S! Baron,

If no ones will take your offer, I might use it to buy a new DCS plane.
Is the timeline eastern time or is it finishing with Russian hours?
I might be back home around 6 pm NY eastern time.
Again, a very big thx for this offer.


ps: JG1 pilots, if you have any suggestions for a new DCS planes that we will fly on Friday night, please let me know. ;)


This ED offer will last till 09:00 am GMT on 1st August (05:00 am ET your time). So I suppose you have still enough time. Just write me when you at home.

I need then to know what plane you want and your profile name / email registered by ED web-site. Having that I can inform you how much you owe me in the end exactly.

Do not forget, the modules from Magnitude and Heatblur are out of this ED offer. So unfortunately, no 50% discount for mega Mig-21bis, F-14, Ikea plane and Christen Eagle II.

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3 hours ago, Firefly said:

Okay Baron, I'll take the plunge. What do I need to do? Just FYI, I'm running a standalone version of the game. 

Unfortunately, Luftritter is right - you were a bit late.

Of course I still have these bonus points and you're welcome any time to use them. I can but pay with them only standard 30% of the price now. At your place, I'd wait till the next sales to get 50% discount.

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