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Imola Track Map


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Might be a bit last minute, but here is a map of Imola to understand the turns your CC (if installed) is talking about:


I extracted a lot from this blog: http://www.jtcoupal.com/post_detail.asp?id=108, lots of credit goes to JT Coupal

  • Variante = chicane, or S-turn.
  • Tamburello = tambourine.  This is the corner where many F1 pilots have had mishaps, to include Piquet, Berger, and the fatal crashes of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna. After the incidents, the chicane was added for safety, no longer allowing a flat out corner.
  • Villeneuve = Named for Gilles Villeneuve, who suffered a non-fatal crash there prior to his fatal crash in Belgium.  He is also memorialized by a Canadian flag in the P3 starting grid.
  • Tosa = I couldn't find anything relative, it is the 2nd sharpest corner, look for a house on the inside of the track to realize you're racing in the city of Imola. 
  • Piratella = I couldn't find a source, either. 
  • Acque Minerali = Mineral Waters, named after the nearby park.
  • Alta = High, it's at the top of the hill and the sharpest turns on the track.
  • Rivazza = No luck with the origin.  Two 90s and you're off to the long front straight. 

"You don’t race at Imola.  You race in Imola." - JT Coupal

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