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Pick Up Group (PUG) Announcements


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Here's a thread for anyone to announce any intention of getting online to play.  Just give a little heads up here and maybe get a group together. 

This is in the public area as it's open for anyone to announce their intention and for others to join, in and outside of JG1.

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13 minutes ago, GenMarkof007 said:

British Steel Patrol in Sangin - Arma 3 ops this weekend

Looking for any JG1 member (with Arma 3) ready to patrol one of the toughest regions of the Sangin region. If you love Arma 3, doing patrol, and finding bad guys, this ops is for you! Trying to see if we could meet up this weekend... so let me know if Saturday pm or Sunday pm work for you.

A little background about this dynamic mission and what you need to be able to join up.

If any of you have knowledge on how to setup a MP server, please pm me.



I think I can do Sunday, say 1800 PDT?  First, I'll need to verify that I have ArmA installed, lol!  However, I have time.

Be advised that the link you shared is only accessible to JG1 personnel, any outside members can't see that thread.

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I leave tomorrow for few days vacation so I'll miss tomorrows FC action, but somwhen tonight I'd like to fly a little bid online, either BoX or FC, no prefs...

cannot tell exact time, probably somewhen between 8 and 9 p.m. UTC; will look around on our TS-Server if see someone  😉


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7 minutes ago, GenMarkof007 said:

Note: I know that 8pm might be early for some, but since some of the JG1 pilots meet up around 9:30 pm (eastern time) to test the GS map of Kliegmann. I didn't want to remove anyone that wanted to be available for that event.

Nice thinking, Gen 👍

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1 hour ago, GenMarkof007 said:

S! All JG1 pilots,

For those that would like to learn navigating over the Kuban map (for the Rule the sky operation starting next week).
I will be online tonight on the AKA Expert server (since we can fly on the Kuban map, mostly alone with AI enemies) around 9pm eastern.

Remember, the WW server will be in Expert mode, meaning that you won't be able to see any icon's on the map and we are starting the first week in Winter 1942 (yes, just a white ground, even over rivers! Since most of our planes are paid with resources, why not start flying from our (4) German Airfield and learn the Kuban map.

Hope to see you up over the Russian sky!


When: Sept. 25 @ 9 pm eastern time
Il2 MP Server: AKA Expert Server (with AI)
Map: Kuban

It's a good idea Gen, however Wed night is normally dedicated to testing Kliegmann's campaign and, IMHO we don't want to abandon that in favor of Wing Walker's. I think that Klieg will confirm that it is getting very close to being viable but numbers of pilots are needed to test the various missions mechanics.

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Klieg's campaign is getting really close to being ready. What he needs is numbers of pilots to test the mechanics... one or two pilots is just not enough. Please show our support for his hard work in our behalf and attend the testing tonight (if it's still happening... Klieg? Are we still on?).

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