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DCG campaigns don't show up + DCG runs the wrong version of the game

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I don't know if it's a bug or if it's me doing something wrong (hence posting it here) but the game (GOG v.4.13.4 vanilla) can't see any campaigns I create using DCG v.3.49. I set up everything as instructed (DCG and game locations, wizard, etc.), decided to try Offline Career and Replace DGen Modes.After switching them on I closed DCG and run 1946 but pilot career couldn't see anything beyond stock options. Second attempt -  I opened DCG again and went to "run" and then "generate campaign". I set up the faction and map, pressed start and followed the instructions, closed DCG and run 1946, again nothing shows up.  Game version in DCG is set to 1946. I'm running Windows 10.

To make it more bizzare i decided to start the game from DCG, using "run game", thinking that it is maybe necessary for DCG campaigns to appear. Somehow DCG starts the 4.12.2m version where both keyboard and mouse don't work, forcing me to kill it with task manager (no amount of alt-tabbing or similar things helped).

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If you use Replace DGen Mode, the stock campaigns actually create DCG campaigns.  Just start the campaign as you would a stock one and let it generate the first mission.  On the mission screen, it should look a bit different given it's a DCG mission and not a DGen mission.

If that doesn't work, post again and hopefully we can figure it out.

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