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3 hours ago, Kliegmann said:

The heart reminds me of Voss

Well the hart is of course from JG54 and the 4 is the number from Albin Wolf 3./JG54.
Albin is possibly a distant relative of me. He was born not that far from where my family comes from in lower Bavaria.
He was 3 years older than my father. That's the story behind my avatar.
Although I have much respect for Werner Voss (maybe one of the best WW I pilots?), choosing this colour green for my planes in combination with the green hart is done without thought of Werner Voss/Voß. How about that my RL last name is Wolf? 

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No, this is correct. Always debatable where a name comes from originally and what is the correct way of writing.
In Dutch we say Walhalla. In English its Valhalla. 
It comes from the old Norse/Icelandic Valhöll  (Val, Wal=Fallen, Höll, Halla= Hall) some say is means Hall of the Fallen others say it's the Mountain of the Fallen.

"The Ballad of Grimnir"

8. Glaðsheimr heitir inn fimmti, 
þar er in gullbjarta
Valhöll víð of þrumir;
en þar Hroftr kýss
hverjan dag
vápndauða vera

8. The fifth is Glathsheim, | and gold-bright there
Stands Valhall stretching wide;
And there does Othin | each day choose
The men who have fallen in fight.

Hard to translate word by word, in Dutch: "Tot in Walhalla", in English I guess: "Until in Valhalla".


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1 hour ago, Heinrich said:

Hard to translate word by word, in Dutch: "Tot in Walhalla", in English I guess: "Until in Valhalla".

Thank-you.  If I entered the first two words individually, those first two words were correct.  My mistake was using German to English instead of Dutch to English, so it did not see that last word correctly, although I pretty much guessed it.

You should put that on all your bottom wings  😀

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Very nice Heinrich!

Are these finalized versions? I will add them to the next FC Skinpack update.

One slight thing... the CL.2 might be a little dark. Are you using my template? (I don't believe there is an "official" one out yet). I probably have the "tint" or "multiply" layer too heavy. You could try reducing opacity on one or both of these layers. I continue to struggle with getting the colors right so that they are not too "vibrant" or too dark. The skinviewer doesn't render them accurately and having to restart the game and wait for it to load a mission for every change is a time suck and gets tiresome.


Larner sent me this and these seem to work pretty well:






Hi Vonrd! 

I've been meaning to get in touch and share some tips I've discovered in achieving 'natural' colours for FC skinning, but up until now it's totally slipped my mind :lol:

When doing the US103 skins I found myself tearing my hair out trying to get natural-looking shades of red and yellow, but I eventually figured it out! As a lot of JG1's skins are very heavy on those two colours, I thought I'd share. Here's what I found!

A General Colour Tip: 

The first thing I realised is that, when I selected the exact colour I wanted, it never seemed to come out quite right in-game. After fiddling with the colours for a bit, I discovered that you have to go a lot darker with the colour you use to get the 'right' shade in-game. Here's a quick example: 

For this D.VII, I wanted to paint the nose in standard J11 red. I first selected that exact colour, a bright scarlet. However, in-game this ended up being really vibrant - almost plasticy: 



In order to correct this, I brought the tone of the red down from scarlet to a darker red and tried again. It was still a little too vibrant, so I went further. Eventually, I ended up with a surprisingly dark shade of red:



It seems too dark when you select the colour, but this shade works very nicely in-game, and gives (in my opinion) a more natural-looking shade of red. Here you can see it next to the original D.VII: 



This rings true for pretty much all colours. Red, White, Blue, etc. etc. 

Working with Yellow: 

I quickly discovered that Yellow is much harder to work with than red, and finding the right shade can be very tricky. When selecting the exact colour I wanted, the Yellow would come out very wrong in-game. It would have a neon quality about it and appeared like someone had draped a hi-vis jacket over the nose!


I tried initially to rectify this by 'dulling down' the yellow, and it had a good effect, but there was still quite a 'neon-y' appearance.



I managed to fix this by adding a tiny bit of orange tone into the colour. With that, it gave a far more natural 'painted' looking yellow: 



And here's an in-game example. This is the way I got the shade I used on Luft's Alb: 




Anyway, just thought I'd share these findings with a fellow skin-maker. 






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@Vonrd , yes these are my final versions. Earlier entries can be deleted.

I will look tomorrow into the CL2. I used my RoF skin and updated the layers with dust and such. Added over that an Alpha mask roughly 74.

I will try to shift the opacity a bit and see if it gets any better. The lighter color is not yellow but bleached canvas. I was inspired for this skin by the Schlasta 21 5720/17 "Martha&Else" CL2, with a J6 tail. You see the BW photographs are very different interpreted colour wise.

The original colours of this plane were black and white stripes with lozenge pattern wings. The old paint layer shines through the new layer. (pictures #1, 4 and 6) I tried to copy that in my skin. Causes of course a less bright effect on the top layer.

This is what the people of Wingnut Wings think of it: 









Edited by Heinrich
Clarifying the colours
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