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Black September two victories in a Dr.I


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Quintessential wing man performance there, folks....he saved my ass, without any doubt.  I got over-confident, considering what I could do in RoF or could have done earlier in FC in this plane; I also misjudged my opponent, who....was just fine with me going all the way to the ground with him.  I also thought being so light....5% fuel....I could stay with him in any ground level turn.  But I was wrong....and it does make me sad to say that no Dr.1, no matter how light, can stick with a Camel at ground level any more (in FC).  Lesson well learned.

It is hard to tell, but I got wounded from that first Camel and lost most of my elevator authority, so I was little help afterwards.  It is amazing to see that Brit had more ability to fire accurately than I did at that time, even though he had only half of his lower wings.  I also commend you for keeping your engine alive during that extended decent.  Very many people would have blown their engine in a Dr.1 during that.

I also see that you experienced the extreme left turn reluctance of the Dr.1 at least a couple of times.  That turns most people off to the Dr.1.  Thanks for sticking with it, when others wouldn't!

Thanks Brit!!!  Your victories were well-won.  You have my gratitude and I'll fly with you any time.


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