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FC New Skins Submission Thread [DISCUSSIONS]

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I've upgraded the skins for my Fokkers D7 and D7F. After @DeFreest Larner posted the skin packages it were these two aircraft which really benefited from his work. The new skins are now visible in the Submission thread with the 2 .dds files attached in the .dds post of my.

@Vonrd, please  have a look and if okay, would you be so kind to attach the 2 skins to the next skin pack update?

Question: what is most handy/convenient do it like this or post new skins and update at the bottom of the thread?

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Because this is meant as the discussion part of skinning 😳, I would like to ask @Schäfer, why to use the skin colours of Jasta 15 for your aircraft? That is at least confusing. Why not the Flying Serpent on a Jasta 10 skin? Probably @GenMarkof007 can show you different options to stay close to your Jasta recognisability (is that even English?)



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Quick example for what I mean

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10 hours ago, Vonrd said:

I re-did my existing Entente skins and added ones that I didn't have. Got rid of the checkerboard in favor of yellow and black stripe theme... much easier to align on the different parts of the aircraft  😁


Vonrd Brisfit.jpg

Vonrd Camel.jpg

Vonrd Dolphin.jpg

Vonrd SE5.jpg

Vonrd SPAD.jpg

Oh man....I was going to do that exact same thing to the Camel cowl   😄

You snooze, you lose  😋

They all look beautiful.  Simpler, bolder combinations that will show up far better; and great color shades, too.  Superb design theme!

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