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FC New Skins Submission Thread [DISCUSSIONS]


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Hi Guys,

For all JG1 skinners, especially those who have made there own paint schemes for Flying Circus, please be aware of the new color standards:


These were created to do three things:

  1. Standardize colors within the squadron so that we look uniform (regardless of skin author)
  2. Attempt to come close to historical colors used on real aircraft
  3. Look good with in-game lighting.

A color correction update to the skin pack is incoming soon.  There are some cool changes in it, so @Vonrd, @Heinrich and I can't wait to share it with you!

If you've made your own FC skins (@AngryGoat@Butzzell, @GenMarkof007, @EmerlistDavjack, @Jaus, etc.), please consider adjusting their colors to match the above guide.  Your personal markings are 100% approved and don't need to change!  We just want to see the colors match.

Post below with any questions.  And thanks in advance!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the 200hp Halb is the same skin template as the 160, but with late war crosses.

If the Halb-au is painted with the black and yellow tail of Jasta 10, should a white border be used to outline the rudder cross  so it doesn't blend in with the black?

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i do not have the original paint schemes saved. if anyone wants to tweak my red and factory camo to match they are more than welcome? or i can just completely redo. i'm always playing around with skins. been playing around with different cowling faces. i just made this one that uses all the right tones. let me know what's easiest for everyone.








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Hi Velts,

I would be glad to help but The DudeWG has already done a historical skin:

Here is the Albatros D.Va of Ltn. Josef Veltjens of Jasta 18




Here's the link to the thread:


Do you want it with the blue fuselage with the rest as your first post?

Or do you want to do the skin yourself? You could just copy / paste the Dude's fuselage over (that's what I would do... I'd just be sure to give him credit for it).

Again... I'm happy to be of whatever assistance I can.


EDIT: aw snap... looks like the link is dead...

Here's the active links:




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