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DCG Campaign problem with missions


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I noticed a problem with DCG (3.47 on DBW), in the briefing before the missions (any mission in any campaign ...😢) I see lithe list of the pilots involved in the mission (usually 8 planes so 8 names) but in that list I never see my pilot's name ... and when I start the mission I never have a plane for myself, I only can see AI planes (with shift+F2) ... what is the problem? what could I do ? I followed the instructions step by step to install DCG and the campaign ... I tried with many different campaigns and I do have always the same problem ... 😢

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Ah, a bit more information...and it's made me remember what the problem might be.  Check your pilot name (where you create it) and make sure there's no extra (invisible) spaces after the name.  If there are, it screws up DCG.

And if it's not spaces, if your using non-standard characters, it just might be that.  (But I'm pretty sure it's extra spaces.)

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You solved my problem, so a great thank you !

I checked my pilot name and so I noticed that I just defined "callsign" and "last name" but I left empty the "name", and when I filled the "name" too it worked.


So now I have a new question to bother you with: in one of the campaign DCG campaign that now I can play,  IL2 freezed at the "generate" and on the screen (outside of the game) I had that message (in a box): "IL2 DCG  "is not a valid integer value

Maybe do you know what it could be ?

A great thank you for your time



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All the "is not a valid integer value " errors come from formatting error. A weird space here and there or using tabs instead of spaces or whatever. Have you done modifications lately? By the way, you will probably need to delete your current campaign files AND your backups after you fix your error.

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