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Gamma Still To Bright

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Hello All,

I don't know if anyone has seen this little trick for gamma settings. If it's still to "bright" after turning down the gamma in the graphics settings in-game. Go to the config file itself IE startup.cfg in the data file of the game. Find the line gamma and enter your setting. There is one draw back to is is that should you go to your settings in game it will reset the gamma setting. Here is my current settings

    shake = 0

[KEY = force_feedback]
    amplitude = 1.00000
    enabled = 1
    force = 1.00000

[KEY = graphics]
    3dhud = 0
    adapter = 0
    bloom_enable = 1
    desktop_center = 1
    detail_rt_res = 1024
    draw_distance = 0.00000
    far_blocks = 0
    fps_counter = 1
    fps_limit = 60
    full_height = 1080
    full_width = 1920
    fullscreen = 0
    gamma = 0.68550 <---------------------THIS LINE
    grass_distance = 100.00000
    hdr_enable = 1
    land_anisotropy = 1
    land_tex_lods = 0
    max_cache_res = 0
    max_clouds_quality = 1
    mgpu_compatible = 0
    mirrors = 2
    multisampling = 1
    or_ca = 0.00000
    or_enable = 0
    post_sharpen = 1
    preset = 1
    rescale_target = 1.00000
    shadows_quality = 2
    ssao_enable = 1
    vsync = 0
    win_height = 1080
    win_width = 1920

[KEY = input]
    exclusive = 1
    input_map = "input.map"
    mouse_plane_control = 0
    old_trackir = 0

[KEY = interface]
    forces_color_mode = 0
    language = "eng"
    log = "_gui.log"
    scale = 1.00000
    showcompas = 1
    showicons = 1
    units = ""
    withdebug = 0

[KEY = iservice]
    proxy_name = "alpha.il2sturmovik.net:443"
    register_url = ""
    server_debug = ""
    try_ping = 0
    try_web_port = 1
    use_proxy = 1

[KEY = network]
    available_ip = "[object Object]"
    client_download_traflimit = 1000
    client_ip = ""
    client_upload_traflimit = 1000
    downloader_port = 28100
    server_download_traflimit = 1000
    server_upload_traflimit = 1000
    tcp_port = 28000
    udp_port = 28000

[KEY = sound]
    count = 32
    debug_radio = 0
    interface = 1
    interface_music = 0
    quality = 1
    speedenable = true
    volume = 0.68000

[KEY = system]
    bin_log_folder = ""
    chatlog = 0
    debug_info = 0
    debug_render = 0
    dlgbox_sky = 0
    gamelog = 0
    keep_binary_log = 0
    mgenlog = 0
    mission_text_log = 0
    modes = 0
    playoffline = 0
    reset_configs = 0
    show_net_skins = 1
    skin_dir = "graphics\Skins\"

[KEY = track_record]
    fx_sound = 2
    record_graphics_effect = 1
    record_ground_vehicles = 1
    tacviewrecord = 0

[KEY = updater]
    language = "eng"
    locales = "rus,eng,ger,spa,fra,pol"
    seed = 0


Hope this may help. Don't forget to backup the original file




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Color is the thing that seems deficient to me in the whole Great Battles series.  Everything has always seemed washed out or faded to me, compared to RoF; why the heck is that?  Seems like it has the potential to look nice, but doesn't IMHO.

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I have mine turned down to 8 (In game only) and I can see everything just fine.  Turn it down too much and you're gonna run into problems on early morning, or night maps.  Jumping around inside the cfg file every time the map time changes is just asking for trouble

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I turned my gamma all of way down in-game (I think 8?), and I think it might have helped reduce the washed-out color effect.  Thanks for the tip, von Webber.  I might try a little lower later, using the file edit method.

@Kliegmann , don't you think you could turn it back up to "normal" levels within the game, just by resetting the slider, for low-light scenarios, if you had previously set it to some lower level by editing the file?  I'll have to try this and report back.

One means of resetting it back to extra-low level would be to make an exact copy of your original startup.cfg file in the same location, and give it a different name, like "low_ gamma_startup.cfg". Then edit the gamma setting to your liking in that new file, and save it. Then when you want the extra-low gamma setting, go to the file location and re-name the original file something like "original_startup.cfg", and then re-name the copy you created to "startup.cfg".  This would at least prevent needing to edit the operating file repeatedly, and only change names.  Of course, the game will have to be stopped and restarted after each change, regardless.

I suspect and hope that this will all become unnecessary in some future update.  I remember back in the original IL2 people for a time needed to alter that file for higher quality video settings, such as water rendering, etc.  Eventually they just made those settings available in the game.

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S! Guys,

Just to let you know, if you change the gamma config file. And in the game, you change the gamma setting, your config file will come back to your in-game setting. But like Kliegmann says, I would always backup a file that you modify in your game folders!

Hope to see you all tonight for the Rules of the sky Campaign.





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There is another way.  You can install the VR mod that some of us use. There are a few features that apply for VR and standard. One of them is a brightness and saturation change.

You can toggle between two settings in the game at anytime.  The values can also be changed to your individual liking.  I'm using the 2 default settings right now mod version 14.1. Haven't had time to mess with the settings.  Back in previous version I had my settings tweaked but he overhauled the color system since then and I really haven't felt the need to tweak them. May be during Thanksgiving when I have a couple days off I will.

Mod in IL2 forum

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