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Bodenplatte nearly unplayable


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I've had a couple of DTDs; one while flying on the WW server, one while flying SP with the QMB.  It's weird, it's like the game minimizes itself, and if you click on it in the taskbar, it comes up and goes right back down again. When it happened online, the game locked up completely, and Kliegmann had me cntl-alt-delete, and stop the game process, and restart the game again after that.

I never had that problem or any problem at all, before.

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13 hours ago, Barton said:

Currently considering reinstalling RoF or disassembling and parting out my flight sim gear.

Pretty drastic step.... maybe try letting it ride for a while.  Is space that tight for you?  Is it really a one-or-the-other thing?

No updates ever for RoF is certainly a good thing from the reliability standpoint; nothing ever gets screwed up and people generally understand the cause of every performance issue.  But there is little going on in RoF except FiF, and even that may move to FC soon.

Would love to have you back flying with us on the WWI side, whatever the reason. Hope things are going better for you soon.

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It was drastic and I am reconsidering.  I won't be making any decisions one way or the other for a while.  I am fed up with the way BoX is being handled.  Maybe I am suffering from "the good ol' days" memories of 1946.  Granted, I played that sim for a very long time and I have long forgotten most of its teething issues but even with, what, 5 years of development we still have explosions and smoke visible through clouds and planes that disappear in front of them not to mention that the clouds themselves are ugly as hell.  

As it is I am taking a break of an unknown amount of time from at least BoX.  It may be that my time spent in flight sims would be better in RoF if I were to participate in FiF again.  I honestly didn't think FiF was going to survive this long.

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9 hours ago, Barton said:

I honestly didn't think FiF was going to survive this long.

People still have fun, it can be challenging, and it's often exciting; and it provides a well established time when a server full of people can all get together for a guaranteed good time.

That's never going to go out of style.

How that will transfer to FC remains to be seen, but great minds are working on it.  If it turns out a lack of plane variety squelches it, there's always RoF to fall back on.

You are right about the devs, though; although RoF did reach a state far closer to perfection than Great Battles has. They could have gone far further with the planes they released, but they basically just quit in the middle of an unfinished job.  It is a betrayal when all is said and done.  Now they've started from square one again, and are already giving every indication that they will stop at any time.

I will say that after I updated from Windows version 1803 to 1903, I now see some microstutters at times in RoF, when I had absolutely none before; and not a single change was made to any setting in the Nvidia Control Panel or the game itself.... so what does that tell you? I haven't even tried FC/BoX yet. It is possible that Windows may have changed my video driver during that update. I am going to try the latest Nvidia driver, which just came out yesterday, but I haven't installed it yet.

I'll let folks know if that helps at all.

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I really wish Microsoft would get back into the WW2 sim game.  Not because they were any good at it (all of their CFS games were dumpster fires out of the box) but because their platform is amazing.  CFS2 was one of the best with 3rd party add ons.  Not to mention an actual globe.  The only limitation to your map was textures, but if you had the textures you could fly very long distances.  You could, if you were insane enough, fly a complete bomber mission from England to Frankfurt and back.  The maps in BoX are extremely limited.  This is because the game mainly focuses on the Eastern Front where the scope was far more localized but is terrible for literally any other Theater of the war. 

Meh.  Wish in one hand, right?

It may be easier for WarThunder to cross the expanse between it's current realism and real sim territory than it will be for the 1C/777 guys to get there. 

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I went through the trouble of reinstalling and rebinding everything and tried like hell to get the game to be playable.  The only way to get it to play at 60 fps without stutters is to run it at such low quality that it looks like a half ass knock off of IL-2 1946.  I'd actually rather play that at this point.  Maybe it's my PC.  If it is, I'm done.  I don't have the ability to upgrade my PC at this point.  It would be much easier for me to simply trade my flight sim gear for a wheel and go back to racing.

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In the nVidia Control Panel, under the "Manage 3D settings" link, under the "Program Settings" tab, do you have a profile established for "IL-2: Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad (il-2.exe)"?

If so, can you take a screen shot of all of the settings?

If not, you could try creating one.  If you don't have one, it will automatically use the "Global" settings.  If one of those is not optimal, it could easily bring your machine to it's knees.

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2 hours ago, Lee said:

Does your mother board have built in graphics?  Unlikely long shot might be you’re running on built in intel graphics not the 1080Ti. 

Definitely check this. I recently got a new monitor and accidentally plugged it into the MB and had major low FPS... obviously.

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