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GB New Skins Submission Thread


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Here are the Hs-129 "Duck" skins submission. I made no screenshots. This aircraft is an acquired taste and will most likely not be flown except for a few individuals. 

This is one of the first submissions for Bombers / Attack planes (with the exception of the 110s which are, in essence, fighters carrying bombs). Since JG1 is a fighter squadron first and never flew any of these planes, we have decided that all other aircraft skins will be simplified as much as possible. This is the template as to what we are working on (and this is specific to the HS-129 but it's the general idea, other aircraft may have variations):

  • Standard green camo.  1 flavor.  No variations.
  • No personal markings at all.
    • So, no Tige, or Igantz or skeletal fish or devil or blue rudders or anything.
    • And no colored rudders.
  • White noses for command staff.  Blank noses for everyone else.
  • Normal squadron recognition codes on the fuselage: J1+YZ
  • All black squadron recognition code on the underside of the wings.  
  • The roster number of the pilot (in staffel color) on the outside of the engine nacelles.
    • Geschwadser commanders (myself and Brit) can be Blue 01 and Blue 02
    • Gruppe commanders could be Green 01, 02, 03, and 04.
    • Everyone else gets their normal number and color.
  • A low vis version of the Oesau emblem on the nose.

I made skins only for those who "Might" possibly fly this plane and have more than 6 months service in JG1. There are a couple of generic squad skins. Heinrich will be doing the Europeans.


Moving into the future, I have agreed to assist Klaiber in Administration, especially in FIF but this will likely extend into all of JG1 events. I expect that this will affect my skin production. Additionally, I have interest in making more DCS skins as well as doing other artistic endeavors involving Photoshop as well as 3D graphics. Just saying that skin production might be affected. I'm not abandoning it though... it's something that I really enjoy.

For those newly accepted into JG1, please remind me when you have attained 6 months of active service in JG1 and I will be happy to start working on your personal skins.

Link to the "Ducky" skins:


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While making the Duck skins and comparing them to the Bf110G2 I noted that Brit's skin had Klai's letters. Attached is the corrected skin. Please install in your skin folder :\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\Skins\Bf110G2 and allow overwrite.


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