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JG1 FC Templates

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Morning, all! I'd like to share a project I've just finished, in the hope that it might come in handy over here at the J.G.1 aerodrome. 

in the .Zip file below is a set of custom templates for J.G.1, marked with the correct historical Jasta markings for each unit. I've done my best to design each template to be as easy to use as possible, and have included optional 'Alternate' camo schemes / crosses / Jasta markings within each template. The most historically accurate schemes are enabled by default. Hopefully these will serve as a good 'guide' to newer recruits looking to paint up their planes in their Jasta colours, or for older hands who are looking for a new look! 

The schemes used have been designed to match historical examples and references as closely as possible. 

Currently included are 16 .PSD files - 4 templates each for the Albatros D.Va, Fokker Dr.I, and the Fokker D.VII & D.VII F.

LINK:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vXi4qhX9VkBrWTBr9xUIrKo-8AbYF7TT/view?usp=sharing

Alternative options can be found in the Layers tab, in the various folders. 





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These are outstanding; a great basis or starting point for anybody who is creating a JG1 squadron based skin.  If you're thinking about making your own FC skin within JG1, I highly recommend checking out these high quality templates which will give you a firm grounding in any of our 4 squadrons, to add your own ideas to.

Thanks, Larner!!

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Where are you putting it? For example the Alb DV goes:

C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins\AlbatrosD5

I've not had much luck with the Nvidia plugin but I'm using the ancient PS CS2.

I use a program called Dxtbmp for single files:


and ConvImX for batch converting

 http://www.mwgfx.co.uk/beta.htm (4th from the top in the list).

If you attach your .dds I can take a look at it. You might be saving it as the wrong type. As I recall, there are several choices when saving with the Nvidia plugin.

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 I have put it in the locations you quote, and FC does see the file.   I am not familiar with dds format and have been taking the dds defaults when saving through the plugin.  I just realized I am creating an empty dds file.   The problem must be in the conversion settings where I have no idea what to use.


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Hmmmm.   I did notice that the templates Larner has posted do have unusual (Cyrillic?) lettering for the alpha channel.    I tried renaming it but that didn't work.    I'll have to give the external converters a try.   Does Dxtbmp work directly with .psd file?


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Use these settings.  Moxy was on the right track, just needed more specifics.  As for the cyrillic names, those templates are made by who knows, and a name like that I do remember at least for the SPAD, maybe others in the channels area.  Not sure why you wouldn't be able to rename it though, although there's no real need to do that.

When you hit the save button, it looks like nothing is going on and that it might be froze up.  It isn't.  The only indication that anything is going on is the cursor changes shape to something else and just stays that way for quite a while until the MIP Maps are done and the process is complete.  When you finally see the cursor change back to normal, you know it's done.


Once you save a file using these settings, after that the settings will automatically be already set the way.  If you need to change them for other sims you'll need to remember them, otherwise you'll probably forget them because they just stay there automatically.

You'll notice that there's a way to save profiles, which if I remember right didn't work when I tried it, and I think it froze up.  Possibly it was because that directory didn't exist, but I kind of doubt that because it should have just created it automatically.  I any case avoid the profiles part if it gives you problems....the settings will stay anyway.

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My settings panel is a little different.   The BC3 option does have a tooltip that mentions DXT4/5 so I think that is correct.  Generate mipmaps is selected.  I don't see a parallel to the '2D texture'  pulldown in your image.    I do have an 'image type' setting with the options : Color Map|  Greyscale | Normal Map-tangent space| Normal Map-object space

Maybe I need the 'old' nvidia tools that were mentioned in the post Vonrd linked.




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Yeah, mine would be the "old", even though it works with the most current PS CC, 2020.

So you are saying that in your format pull-down there is no direct option for DXT5?  My guess is maybe it just isn't supported, or at least properly supported.

As for the "2D texture", my guess is that should be in the "image type" field.  If that option is not available, maybe that's the problem.

That "old" version I have is a plug-in, so when you're in PS and "save as", the DDS file types do appear directly in the list.  I'm not sure if what Vonrd uses works that way, or if it's more stand-alone.

If you can uninstall this new version and still find the "old" one, you might want to try that.  Otherwise, use what Vonrd suggested.  I never did that because this worked fine and I've had it ever since.

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I googled the 8.55 version of nvidia and downloaded an exe that was clearly labelled 8.55, but it ended up re-installing the 2020.1.1 version.    From what I've read it sounds like PS CC doesn't work with the older version of the plugin, and the newer version doesn't work for IL2.

I'll try the Dxtbmp.

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Oh it obviously works....what they probably mean is that it doesn't work 100%....meaning like I said, the profiles part doesn't seem to work.  But it does produce the images.  Every single skin I've made was done with it.

My guess is if you try to get the older version from an nVidia site, it's going to redirect to the new version.  But if you can find it elsewhere, it would work.  But there is no reason not to try the other, unless a slight increase in convenience is an issue for you.

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Even though I removed the modern nvidia plugin from PS, PS still seems to be able to use it.    The 8.55 version did install but when you save a file you have to select a different file type (D3D,DDS)  to use the older converter.

When you select the D3D,DDS file type you get the older converter dialog, and the settings Luftritter posted worked.

Thanks for the help!

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Ha!  Well done.  👍 

So yeah, when you save as, it defaults to the standard .psd file, and when you need to produce the .dds file, you have to choose that new file type.  That's when the nVidia dialog comes up.  That's how the plugin works....within the PS program.

If you had paid close attention to what file types were available in the pull down list for the "save as" function, you would have noticed that after you installed the plug-in, the new D3D, DDS option was added.  After that it is available to choose....where as, before you installed the plug-in, that file type option wasn't there.

Make sense?


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