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Virpil V.F.X. Grip


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I figured some of you jet guys might like this.  Seems to be modeled to some extent after an F-14 grip?  Lots of axis, and it even has a (lockable) twist rudder option....which I know is a big thing for a lot of people.  I almost thought about getting it, but it doesn't have enough hats for me.  It is cool that all these different grips are available....if you can afford them.  They're easy to change out if you wanted authenticity on planes that you're flying.  There is of course the A-10 Warthog and the new F-18 grip from TM, the T-50 CM grip from Virpil (which I guess is based on the Russian SU something-or-other), and now this F-14 based grip.  Any one of them would work on a WarBRD or other Virpil base.  And I will say this- their base is TOP quality without a doubt....strong as hell, extremely accurate, tune-able springs and cams, and not a millimeter of play anywhere.

Oh yeah....most of this stuff is in stock now, and they accept credit cards and Paypal now too....so far easier to purchase than before.

V.F.X. Grip  

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21 minutes ago, Britchot said:

It works on the TM Warthog base, too.  Interesting.

Yeah, all the Virpil grips and bases are basically interchangeable.  I know for a fact that Virpil makes specific profiles in their firmware that allows full function of TM parts on their bases, as well as their own, obviously (I am currently using a TM Warthog grip on my VPC WarBRD base).  I did not know that TM had any official support for Virpil grips, as far as that goes; but we know for a fact that Virpil CM grip works on a TM base (how could it not?), just some button variances, which I'm sure could easily be eliminated if TM wanted to officially support them through software or firmware.  However, I'm sure Virpil needs them far more than they need Virpil.  It is nice that it works, anyway, even if you can't get all of the grip axis or functions to work on a TM base.  As for the paddle, thumb wheel and twist rudder axis working on the TM base (the last one being optional and not necessarily used), I would not want to vouch for that, unless TM has new support because of that new F-18 grip.  But a lot of those things will still work as a button, and that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  😉

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