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HP Reverb VR


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41 minutes ago, Klaiber said:

@Britchot is running the HP Reverb.

He can definitely give you some tips and settings.

Honestly, it's going to be amazing for you.  Have you used VR for IL-2 yet?


Not yet, been holding out to see if the tech would get better.  Seems like the Reverb is a definite step up from the 1st gen so I'm quite excited. 

At a minimum I can blame my crappy piloting on the new hardware for awhile.

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Actually, it’s less stiff than using TrackIR. Instead of only moving +/-20°, you use the whole turn.  It’s a little hard to check six but leaning forward and around compensates for the lack of peripheral.

Check out https://vr4dcs.com/ for a ton of tips directly for the Reverb. It’s geared for DCS but IL-2 can use the same setup.

Also, I highly recommend using https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39748-3dmigoto-mod-icon-masked-by-cockpit-zoom-for-vr-color-change-sight-strengthened13-features/ for IL-2.  Only downside is you have to stay on top of updates, totally worth it, though. 

I’m home in 2 weeks and can help out more directly, but those two sites are gold.

If the Reverb isn’t “2nd Gen VR”, it’s 1.9, for certain. 

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Yes you will definitely want to get that mod in Brit's post. 

Another thing you may want to look at is getting Voice Attack.  I have some commands I use instead of mapping buttons. I made a command to feather engines. It will select the engine feather it, deselect it and select the good one.  You can also use it to assign key commands to a controller.  I use that feature with the VR mod.  Saves having to use a controller profile or a keystroke program.  For me its less stuff running in the background.


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My DCS profile is pretty basic. Mostly function commands.  The IL2 profile I will over look it there was something that wasn't working I need to go back and fix it.  I just don't recall what it was. So I will have to go through it. Also I need to add a command to holster the flare gun.  I also use VA as a keystroke program for medium and high zoom. It works as a toggle with the VR mod.

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12 hours ago, Erhardt said:

I have the Reverb and tried it in Il2 Box - sat in the Albatros and it felt like I could reach out and toutch the top wing...almost felt like I was flying for real....

I jumped in the VR world with an Rift S. I was flying last Sunday in a Pfalz and got the question  from Hotlead about my fuel level.
Because the indicator was still on 2, I put out my hand to knock on the gauge (step 1 when things stop working).
Then I realized I was not in the cockpit 🤭

Still a lot to fine tune and learn the buttons or go with VA. Right now, checking my 6 is the biggest problem with the operation from last summer: 90 degrees is the max.
Rotate the entire seat seems the only solution for now, or only fly 2-seaters.

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I have been using the Microsoft VR for a year, and I got the Oculus about 3 months ago...  they are fine for racing, but I am going back to Track IR for flight sims. They are lots of fun to fly around with, but the penalty of not being able to see behind me is just too much.  The VR is WAY more immersive...  Heinrich, I know what you mean... I CONSTANTLY try to put my arm on the coaming of the race car and simply is NOT there.

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On 1/8/2020 at 1:57 PM, Britchot said:

@Labroisse I had forgotten about this with the Xmas break.  Looking forward to hearing how you like it.

@Razwald and @Klaiber I think I need a profile for Voice Attack, please. 


This is for IL2

The Voice Attack profile has a few useful features and some are "meh." 

I have a Salute command for open chat.

I used VA as a keystroke utility to assign to buttons for zoom on the VR mod.

I have a kneeboard function for bringing up the kneeboard in IL2. Also there is a command for next page and previous page. I haven't used them in awhile so if the key bindings changed my apologies.

I have a command for toggle/feather engine 1/2. It will feather the proper engine then reselect the good one.  Toggle is there just in case I need it.

The flare commands will select the flare. Shoot it then reholster your weapon. 2 issues with it. 1st is minor. After reholstering your flare gun give it a second to shoot another. Sometimes it gets confused and wont fire a flare.  2nd problem is you will need to remap the keys. The original keys are left control 1,2,3 for the colors. Problem is VA doesn't seem to hit LftCtrl+1 at the same time. That means if you are in a multi engine aircraft it will select engine 1 on you before the flare color.

Red Flare is now 4

Green Flare is now 5

White Flare is now 6

Holster weapon in now Left Control+7


IL2 Battle of Stalingrad-Profile.vap

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I just loaded the F-16 in DCS and now it crashes to desktop during the load... then I load it again and it gets in the sim and lets you be there for about 15 minutes and then it crashes again. SO... I figure it didn't like something in the F-16.

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