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FC Sunday Fun: 12/29/2019

IRFC Hawkeye

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Unedited, quick, dirty.  Created using Windows Game bar utilities; video quality quite poor IMHO even set on highest available quality settings.  No mic audio on my part due to an incorrect setting, since corrected.  I doubt I will use this interface again until it improves; will most likely go back to Nvidia Shadowplay.

In any case, it at least shows the action that took place.  Dr.1 pilots:  Me, Butzzell, Angry Goat, Etzel; Alb D.Va: GenMarkof; Halb CL.II pilots: JGS4_MaxvonArese, ?, ? (three)

Opponents: 1PL (Sahaj, Lucas, Husar....more? Camels and S.E.5a's); Lindwurm (SPAD); SYN_Skydance (S.E.5a); [_FLAPS_]Diggun (Camel); more?

Kills-  Luftritter: 2 kills, 2 assists;  Butzzell: 2 kills, ? assists;  Angry Goat: 1 kill, 2 assists;  Etzel: 1 kill, ? assists;  2-seaters: 1 Kill, ? assists; GenMarkof: ? assists

Some of those attackers had to come back twice, guys.....😉



At the beginning of the mission you will see a shadow on the ground pass under my left wing.  I recognize this as an S.E.5a shadow and warn "tail end charlie" to break!

This works out great for GenMarkof; and is the first of at least a few others that aren't voice recorded...at one point you will hear Etzel say "thanks" for another one.  I really loved cooperating with you guys!  Although all of us escorts eventually ended up captured or dead, we really did take at least twice as many of them with us.

S! Gents!

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