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SPAD template questions

IRFC Hawkeye

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I already PM'd Larner about this, but maybe somebody can get an answer for me quicker, here-

Why can I not find a "wireframe" layer?

Why are there no wing roundels included in the "US" markings layer?

I tried poking around to see if somehow the wireframe might be hidden, but didn't find anything.  The template is the current "public" template posted on the IL2 forum site.

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Hello @Luftritter,

I use the one from the RoF templates set which fits the FC one, below a link to my dropbox with the 2K and 4K wireframe (only).


I hope this is what you looked for and that it works.


PS I used to use Mediafire for storage but that has a nasty way of opening unwanted tabs. Maybe I'll switch to Dropbox.

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That didn't work for me, Heinrich; but I thank you anyway for a good try.  The file format was a GIMP format, and I have Photoshop.  PS can't (won't is more likely) open that file type, so I converted it to .psd online.  However, I don't know if it started out like that, or just ended up looking that way after conversion, but the frame was white on a black background.  Therefore it couldn't be used without covering up everything else up.

Anyway Larner got back to me on my PM, and I am sure every one of you has already thought of this except me, but the wireframe layer can be gotten from the RoF skin template.  So, I DL'd that, and exported that layer alone as a .png file, making it 4096 x 4096 at the same time.  Then, I opened and saved it as a .psd file (I didn't see a way to do that directly when I exported it).  Then, on the original IL2 SPAD template, I placed the embedded file onto the top layer....it automatically sat perfectly in place, no adjustments necessary....and voila!  Original template with a wireframe layer included.

Anyway, for any future skin maker who may need this, here is the SPAD XIII wireframe file, which can be imported into the standard published template at a new layer:

SPAD XIII Template Wireframe file

Very soon I hope to simply post an improved version of the current template, which will of course include that wireframe layer, and also include correct US markings, which are now lacking.


BTW, from what I understand, .psd files can be opened/used by GIMP users....so the above file format should be usable by almost everybody.


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