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FIF 2020 "Winter Campaign" Map

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FIF 2020 "Winter Campaign" Map:

FIF 2020 "Winter Campaign" is a completely fictitious event with little historical precedent. The default map of the Arras sector within the IL-2: Flying Circus game is used.  The combat area is centered around the city of Lille.

This is a region that historically saw fierce fighting, with Lille being only 20 km from the battlefield.

The plane-set is 1918, with an attempt at some progression.  The Central Powers are in the East.  The Entente Powers are in the West.

Two-seater bases are underlined in yellow.

Unlike past maps, there are no hospitals icons shown.  Hospitals will only appear when the enemy ace has been killed.

Only a single map is used, eliminating the need for an odd-session map and an even-session map.  Targets will be randomly assigned from session to session.

Every icon on the map is a live target.  The only target not actively shown as an icon is the moving train.

Finally, there is no flak fence.  Flak guns are stationed at the front to act as spotters, alerting you to the presence of enemy aircraft.  The real danger are machine guns, which run along the trenches and can reach approximately 5000 ft.

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