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Assetto Corsa Skill Ratings (ACSR)


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FYI: This is now part of our server \ Championship

### ACSR This release adds support for Assetto Corsa Skill Ratings (ACSR). ACSR is a new service for organizing and taking part in Championships through Assetto Corsa Server Manager. When you set up a Championship in Server Manager, you will be given the option to "Export to Assetto Corsa Skill Ratings". This publishes your Championship to the ACSR Championships List page, so that drivers can find your Championship and sign up to it!
* You can view more about ACSR here: https://acsr.assettocorsaservers.com/
Guys go check this out: https://acsr.assettocorsaservers.com/ new and we are now listed.
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From Hecrer the creator of the rating system

To expand on the ELO, the name refers to the algorithm used (ELO was originally developed to help rank chess players). ACSR actually uses a system based on Trueskill by Microsoft (used for Halo ranking). And it works for any event exported to ACSR, and at the moment you can only export Championship events.

It's not really accurate until after a good few races, and will get more accurate over time. I had played around with hiding the ELO until after ~8 races but decided to pop the "Provisional" sticker on there until that point instead

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