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  • What is your Timezone? - GMT London
  • Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? X-52 Pro Throttle and stick, saitek pedals
  • Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? - yes
  • Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? - hp reverb
  • What sims are you currently flying? -  il2 battle of Stalingrad, warthunder
  • How did you hear about JG1? - forums
  • Is there anything else that you'd like us to know?  Based in the UK, enjoy flying combat sims, love the immersion that VR brings to the table!  Previous experience as a flying instructor flying 3 axis and weightshift microlights/ultralights.  Would love to do some squad based online!   Cheers
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