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2K vs 4K and Multiple skins

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We have been discussing 2K vs 4K skins.

I had originally decided to do all skins in 2K. 2K size is approximately 1/4 the size of 4K. My reasoning is that I can't tell much (if any) difference between the two at regular view distance in the game... even when fully zoomed in. As the amount of skins increases, I was afraid that the folders would get very large. My current game skin folder is about 23 GB (with several other squads skins included).

I would like to hear what others think.


In that vein... we are thinking of restricting a maximum of two individual skins per pilot per plane. Again... thoughts?

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I favor 4K skins, with more pixels it is easier to be precise.

The idea of skins is recognition and not "Look what I can do with Photoshop". Therefor I agree with Luftritter, I see no reason to have more than 1 skin per A/C in a early and late version.
Maybe the early version can be less colorful but still have the typical identification markings and color of that individual pilot.

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