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5 Staffel Painting updated


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Before you start updating go for colors found on A/C and in the correct time period as used on the Western Front, even better as used by JG1.

No East Front markings and no winter camouflage as this was not used in the West.

Maybe better to wait with all the work it will take because we working on a Default/Basic/Standard skin per A/C. Upon that skin artists can drop their personal identification.

I know how much time it takes to create a correct skin and I would hate that you have done all work for nothing.


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Not yet, we’re in final stadium for FC.

You could start with just 5./JG1, but stick to the Paint Policy from the Dicta and use the Alpha layer correct.

Best would be to search for actual skin patterns for the specific A/C and period and add to that the mandatory and personal markings. While creating the skin of say a mid ‘41 bf109F2, don’t forget to ask the other members of 5./JG1 and the especially the command about their wishes on markings and emblems. Also vary a bit with patterns, not all A/C in a Staffel were of the same manufacturing date. Some came from other units and were partially over painted. To cover the early war ‘39-‘40 with just the E7 you could use an earlier E# skin. With other A/C which were longer in use with JG1 you could create an early and late variant as well.

Post the try outs in a PM to me and @Klaiber  to prevent wandering of in the wrong direction, would be a waist of precious time. 


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