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FC V2? Maybe and maybe not


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Jason posted this in his Briefing Room:


Q. Jason when will you tell us if there will be another Flying Circus? Please? We love it and want more - it's awesome and I have told all my friends to buy it in the Official Webstore!

A. No decision has been made yet. Infer from that what you will, but I cannot get into confidential info, my bosses would get quite angry. My desire is to always make more products, I create products, that's what I do. Any new products have to make business sense for not only us, but our partners who share in the work. The concept of FC1 presented an opportunity to take a larger than usual gamble and do an experiment. As we know in Las Vegas, once you lose, gambling again may quickly become throwing good money after bad, not a wise move. Same in business. Asking the community to re-invest in a technically improved WWI sim, but with lesser installed content while our earlier title ROF is still a fun, good-looking sim may have been too much to ask for. But this was the only way to try and make a new WWI anything, going back to work on ROF is simply not an option for the team. It's kind of in the hands of the community at this point. I can add some more non-Career SP content (which I have stated already) and adjust the price when I can, but the question becomes how bad does the community want an FC2 to happen? The only way that it will get a green-light is if FC1 proved there was an appetite for more WWI. And even if we say yes we want it, does our partner want to do it? Do I have the resources to make what the community says they want after FC1? So there are many moving parts to this. 

To be honest, I'm a little disappointed with the critiques about FC1's content, because there are infinite SP and MP possibilities with the ME, PWCG and Vander's new EMG. Lots of fun to be had regardless of what we put into it. Many say PWCG is better than our Career so I felt it would be less of an issue it apparently is. But everyone is entitled to buy or not buy. I'm just explaining my side of the story. As I said many times, this was my only option to do anything WWI related any time soon, so I went for it and thought a lot of flyers who owned ROF or owned IL-2 would be interested. No matter what happens, I don't regret it, FC turned out very nice and it's fun to fly. Everyone worked hard on FC1, so I hope I can move forward with another one. Time will tell. Please don't ask me when. It could be next week or next year, I really don't know right now. 


That's all I can say on the matter at the moment and probably more than I should. 




Maybe sales have not been that good?

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This is a terrible situation.


If you make planes will people buy them. Yes but is there enough sales to pay for the cost of production?

Would there be more sales of FC vol 1 If FC vol 2 was announced?  That is the real question.   Are people holding off on FC vol 1 because they do not see a commitment. About 90% of purchasers play the off line career. To really sell it they need to commit to a career. Personally I feel they should pay Pat Wilson and build his career program into the game.

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Yeah, to me it seems like a no-brainer to make an offline career.  You have the ROF version as a template and Pat Wilson's dynamic campaign as a possible resource.  You make the expense because it expands your brand.

And then, add aircraft slowly.  We don't need a new map right now.

I think half the reason sales of FC might be slow is because people see it as a moonlighting project by the developer that takes away from the "real sim".  That's of course wrong.  But it's on 777 and 1C to prove them wrong, both through PR and investment.  If they're not willing to make a financial commitment to support the product they've already financially committed to, then the results are on them.

My only hope is that FIF, Bloody April and Black September are able to help jump start interest.

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Continually flooding J5's server, even having it within the top 3-5 online servers is doing wonders for recognition.  Our own pilots, that currently only fly WWII, are noticing and becoming interested in FC. If that's on our guys, I bet it's bringing in interest for random online players, as well.

It is a fine point regarding the offline concentration of purchases.  If we go by online players, alone, they've sold a couple hundred copies of their game...

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