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Adding The B-24


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Some friends and I decided we would like to try a dynamic campaign using the flyable B-24D-140-CO that is now included in IL2 1946. However, we have discovered that this version of the aircraft does not appear in DCG 4.49. I've attempted to add it manually, however I'm having trouble figuring out the proper name to put into the class.dcg, payloads.dcg, etc. I did find an old tutorial on how to add new aircraft to DCG, but can't figure out how to find and access IL2 1946's air.ini file, which is where I might find the information I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: It appears I somehow posted this to the bug reports and not the general discussion, I apologize.

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You can generally get all the info you need from an aircraft through the mission builder - just save the plane in a bunch of different configurations (to get payloads).  To get the dogfight ID, just create a home base and make the B-24D active on it.  When you look at the saved mission file, it should be there.  Then take that id and if there isn't a folder in the skins with that exact name, create one.

And don't forget to put the crew positions in the crewseats.dcg file if you're planning to all fly in the same plane.

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