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3dBuzz closing, entire library of tutorials being given away for free


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For everyone who is into game design, 2D or 3D art, video editing, or coding:

A website called 3dbuzz is shutting down and they’ve made their entire library of subscription tutorials and assets available to the public for free! https://www.3dbuzz.com/

They have tutorials, guides and examples on like RPG API Core, Python stuff, C++, C#, Unreal tournament map making and modding guides, Blender and Gimp.

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Not sure if the tutorials will be relevant to anyone here but there will be twenty years of content lost when the site shuts down so I didn't want it to go by the wayside without giving a heads up. I saw some OpenGL tutorials which is another reason I mentioned the site is closing.



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On 2/20/2020 at 10:04 AM, Britchot said:

Wow, great find!  I just picked up Blender, could find some good stuff in there, for sure.

Since Blender went to 2.8 most of the earlier stuff can be pretty confusing since a lot of the shortcuts and tools have been changed. Not to say there might not be good stuff in the earlier tutorials... just be aware that some references can get pretty confusing. From one who's been there and done that.

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