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On the prowl over Italy


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IL2 1946 4.13.4m Vanilla

Missions on Ciel-De-Guerre are very heavy.
They are created on the fly using Lowengrin's Dynamic Campaign Generators (DCG).
Due to the great quantity of objects (moving and statics, in the air and on the ground)
to manage, the creation of each mission can need up to 15 min...
To join, stay connected and play the missions you must install IL2 Selector.

This video is about how we enjoy to use IL2 + Lowengrin's DCG.
It is our tribute to 362nd Fighter Group.

On the prowl over Italy.

Full mission, duration 52 min 24 s.
Map: Italy Online
Planes: Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.
Leader: NAST-crapouillo.
Wingman: NAST-idefix44.
Take-off: Butino airfield (P2).
Forced landing: Porto-Torres airfield (B5).

Priority targets:
Tanks (L9, I9).
Trucks column (I9).

Secondary targets:

AAA x 1 (M8) destroyed by NAST-crapouillo.
AAA x 1 (M8) destroyed by NAST-crapouillo - Foggia airfield.
Tank x 1 (L9) destroyed by NAST-idefix44.
Tank x 3 (I9) destroyed by NAST-crapouillo.
Trucks column x 1 (I9) destroyed by NAST-crapouillo and NAST-idefix44.
AAA x 1 (I10) destroyed by NAST-crapouillo.
AAA x 1 (I10) destroyed by NAST-idefix44.
AAA x 1 (I10) destroyed by NAST-crapouillo.
AAA x 1 (I10) destroyed by NAST-crapouillo - Plane damaged.

This is a successful mission.
The 2 pilots are safe.
NAST-crapouillo's plane is lightly damaged (oil tank).


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Hi Sir,

About the 15 minutes to generate a mission,
from my own campaign using the map Slovakia:

1857 locations in the locations.dcg file,
5658 static objects in the stationary.dcg file
2346 roads in the rds file
93 moving objexts in the columns.dcg file

I think that il2dcg.exe have to loop a few time to generate a mission... 🙄


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22 hours ago, Lowengrin said:

15 minutes to generate a mission?  I really need to go in and optimize some code!   :D

This has nothing to do with DCG, but I remember a few times that while trying to optimize my code I realized that I was basically writing it again, deleting almost half of what I had. And of course, you end up implementing new functions you didn't know existed while you were writing your code.


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How many hours?

Honestly I don't remember. Maybe 500 hours... 400 at least.

The Slovakia map is one of the most beautiful of the vanilla version of IL2...

Here is a link:


The campaigns, the maps, the front lines and the locations


Edited by idefix44
Addition of informations.
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  • 3 years later...

NAST-crapouillo and me are a team. We fly together since 10/2008 when I began to host online Ciel-De-Guerre (1st of october 2008). We take-off together, we land together if we can. The main rule is that when one of us is damaged, the mission ends and we try to return to base as safely as possible. We take care of our lifes and planes, no matter the score...

We enjoy IL2 1946 playing DCG created missions (we use our own third party campaigns) for thousands hours.

Thanks again to Lowengrin for DCG and to you wheelsup_cavu for all your posts here and elsewhere. I always read them carefully.


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