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Access violation at address 004048b8 in module 'il2dcg.exe'


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As I click on il2dcg.exe and that message appears. The next line of the message reads 'Read of address 00000258.'


DCG then starts normally, but if I try to create a campaign, no campaign.ini is created and no mission is created; all the rest of the files are created. This happens with all careers and nationalities. I'm using 3.50 beta7 with Stock Il-2 4.14.1

I tried to restore the Data folder and the exe, but the error still persists.

I remember that something similar happened with beta6, but as I already was flying some campaigns, I didn't give too much importance.



Edit: I swear I did nothing, but now the game creates the campaigns. It still gives me the same errors

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Ok, my computer refuses to let me change the read only label, so I'll guess I'll have to live with it. It's weird because I've, at no point, changed TO read only those files, and I've modified plenty of data files lately, but, oh well...


I've also gathered that when you have persistent errors in DCG, even when you restore every file, it's because sometimes, DCG lingers in memory, even after you've closed it, so, in those cases, you have to close it with Task Manager, which takes like, 3 seconds.

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