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Europe in Flames


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After FIF tomorrow, I would like to test the WWII tourney, EIF (Europe in Flames).  Most of the pieces I have verified as working, so I want to load up a server with pilots and see what happens to the mission.

Things to test

1.  At mission start each side has a "Destroy enemy building" icons located at intersections of 4 sectors (ie: 2204, 2205, 2304, 2305).  This indicates a target is located somewhere within 1 of those four sectors.  The side only needs to fly near one of the targets, then they get a message "Enemy target has been found", and the old icon disappears, and the true target icon appears.  These need to be verified as working.

2. I need suicide, err, I mean dare-devil pilots, to attack an airfield.  Each airfield has fuel depots, ammo depots, and a HQ base (almost ALWAYS located off base, near a nearby city).  If you kill all the fuel depots at an airbase, the enemy pilots can no longer refuel at that base.  Killing the ammo depots stops rearming, and killing the HQ no longer allows the pilot to heal their wounds.

3. The player ground war elements need to be tested as well.

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When I saw the title I thought it's a posting about the corona virus.... 🤧


But Perfect... due to DST shift I'll anyhow make it very late to the FIF (if I make it at all) and I am very happy for having something usefull to do after the session 🙂

I volunteer as dare-devil 😉


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Testing for 03/21/20 - Mission Start: 15:45 CST (30 minutes after FIF concludes)

1.) Verify repairs are actually repaired.

2.) Airfield Supplies: Fighters should use 3 SP, Attack Aircraft 6  and Bombers: 9.  As an airfield is damaged, these numbers increase by 3 per 25% damage.  Verify these are still correct.

3.) Retest fuel refill after fuel tank destruction at Myatlevo (I set up a message for when it is destroyed for testing)

4.) Take Camera screenshots.

5.) Find and  attack Factory, railyard, trains, convoys

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Just one Idea: For the testing it might be an option to reduce defence forces significantly... It would make it easier to check within one mission if the desctruction of a specific target leads to the desired results then, esp. as there will probably be only one plane per target. 

Also in the drop zone it would be gread to see some results of successfull para drops 

And that ground units are defending the targets pretty effective we tested already successfully last week 😉


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  • 2 weeks later...

Making a few updates and changes to what we have.  Unfortunately, the updates and changes we're making is a  substantial amount of work.

Airfields - The Airfield Module is relatively complete, but we're running time tests on the Repair, Refuel and Rearm so we can get them to the times that we need.  We just recently figured out how the system is set up, having to use fractions of time to make it work

Building Targets -  I am currently working on the changes for this portion, and nearing completion.  

Ground War - This portion is taking the biggest amount of changes, and its about 75% complete.  Fallschirmjager has been completely rewritten, and one drop is in place (I wanna make sure this is gonna work before I add any others).  Now after a completed drop, it activates a player tank spawn in the area, with 2 or 4 (undecided) tanks per 12 Fallschirm that land successfully.  Any AT or Arty drops activate guns near the tank spawn area.  There are 2 player battle locations and the AI only battles have been removed.  Pionier, Panzerpionier and Gepanzerte Panzerpionier Platoons have been added for bridge building, and seem to work.  Defensive bunker positions around cities have been built up, and working.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, ran a self-test over the weekend and developed a list of non-working or flawed items.  I have all but one fixed (I hope).  While repairing another item, I found another small item, I had set the tanks for the Fallschirm base at unlimited (oops).  I now have the AI ground units set with a different trigger for grnd and air units.  Air units will spawn the AI at 6 km, while grnd units will spawn them at 3 km (hopefully it will keep the number of active units down to manageable numbers).  Also found several German triggers that were triggering on German units.  Airfield and tank base repair vehicles have been changed to Opeltankwagons and GZ-55s.  Would have LOVED to put ambulances at the field hospitals but there are no statics of these as of yet 😡 .  Also discovered RRR cannot be preset at fractions, then copied and pasted anymore, gotta set them at 0+ then copy/paste, then go back and reset the fractions.  The moving front with 4 battlezones is giving me a headache.  I have attempted to make this work a dozen times now, maybe I'm overthinking it, but, the last attempt pissed me off, and in a fit of anger, I hit the delete key, not realizing that I had the whole frontal system selected, and deleted the whole thing, there went hours of hair-pulling and work.  I would like to attempt a test run for tomorrow, 4/14.

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Oh, test run for 4/14 - Server starts 8:15, Mission begins 8:30.

Things to check

1.) RRR times (I want at LEAST 3 minutes - 5 Minutes if the pilot is wounded) - So need rearm/refuel/repair, but also need someone to voluntarily get shot😳🤕 to test wounded repair) (Maybe a 10 minute game enforced wait if a pilot ditches and takes a new plane???????)

2.) Ground War - Need some tank jockeys to slug it out, test AI emplacements (too much, too little???), Capture territory (Note: The moving front it not installed (read above for explanation), and no influence zones (those go into the moving front).

3.) Fallschirm drops - Both locations.

4.) Bombing missions - test new triggers, and eval flak.

5.) Cargo drops at airfields, tank bases


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Just a few comments from what I saw tonight:

  • Head tracking seemed to a bit sluggish. I don't know if this was due to the server or unique to me, but head tracking with TIR5 definitely seemed a bit slower than other servers
  • Upon entering the combat area, performance took a slight hit (no doubt due to sheer amount of stuff in the mission) but throughout the rest of my sortie seemed fine
  • Rearm and Refuel seemed to work fine (unfortunately, I could not test the repair as I ended up belly-landing my plane on final)


  • Perhaps increase the plane count from more than just four f-4s. I don't know if the current sum is going to be intended for launch, or if there a system to replenish the fighters, but just a tad more would be nice
  • I don't know if it'd be possible here, but I personally would like it if I could remove my headrest to make it easier to check 6. I know we are striving to be historically accurate, so I would have to do some research to see if that was a thing pilots did in the f-4

All in all, fine job gents👍. Really can't wait till this goes live and start scoring up some kills:D

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