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Rebuilding My Thrustmaster Cougar


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You can try writing to the manufacturer.  Back in the old days they were extremely generous in supplying me with spare parts... pots, cables, springs, gimbals...  you name it. I asked for one part and they sent me a huge collection of spares. It's worth a try. 

I am pretty sure that I threw away my old TM stuff... I had the FLCS system but it was PARALLEL and no one wanted it.  It sat for years and when I moved I think I gave it the old heave ho... but I bet the pots were the same, maybe the gimbals. Anyway, I will take a look and see if it is in storage. 

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I would recommend you email Ian, J. link: here :  http://cougar.flyfoxy.com/mods.php#nxt and see if he is still making the Uber II Nxt mod.  It's expensive, but I modded mine about 10 years ago and still works perfectly.  Ian is really nice and helpful (at least he used to be).

Otherwise, that link page has everything re the Cougar.

Good luck!


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Yes, the good thing about TM is that they'll sell you just about any part that they still support.  Sometimes that part will only be available as part of a subassembly.  It's up to you to decide if it's worth it to repair, as opposed to buying a whole new stick.

As far as the gimbal goes, I've never done a Cougar, but with the Warthog, you don't usually need to replace any parts.  It's a matter of careful disassembly, sometimes some fine sanding, and re-lubrication with the special plastic-safe grease.

Once that is correctly done, the stick feels as good as, or even better than new.  I have that grease on-hand, and have performed that operation.

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