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Oculus Rift earphone failure


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While on my recent Elite Dangerous exploration, my Oculus Rift right earphone lost audio.  By fiddling with the right slip joint on the headset, I could get it working again, but only intermittently. When exploring, I’m always lifting the headset so I can see to make notes.  I figure with all the extra movement of I wore or frayed a cable in the slip joint.  This seems to be a common problem with the rift as I was able to find a relatively easy fix on the web.  It appears the earphone loses ground when the cable frays, so using a length of fine telephone wire to connect the botton pins (ground?) on the left and right earphone restores functionality.  At least it did for me.


Here are the YouTube links showing how it’s done.

Left earphone fix, excellent step by step instructions.



Right earphone fix, basically saying the left fix works for the right earphone too.



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