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Two _Ferry questions, one Location_number question and one _Station question


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1. Solved: I'll just take a look at solomons4401.rds. Ignore question 1

Say I want to go from location A to location D, going through some water. Before and after the water pass,  I have Location B and location C. So, should I do

[LocationA to LocationB]

[LocationB to LocationB_Ferry]

[LocationB_Ferry to LocationC_Ferry]

[LocationC_Ferry to LocationC]

[LocationC to LocationD]


Or can I do

[LocationA to LocationB_Ferry]

[LocationB_Ferry to LocationC_Ferry]

[LocationC_Ferry to LocationD]



2. Can I have a Location_Ferry as base, if I want to supply an island from the sea?

Another edit: so, as idefix said, I read again Tailspin notes and there it said

##Home = Supply zone for each side.   (This can be an airfield).  Home locations must be in the roads file (*.rds)...(and not be named "Sea", "Ocean", "Bay", "Harbor", etc...).

So, maybe _Ferry is a forbbiden keyword


3. srd files have Location_1, Location_2, ..., Location_n sea routes. What does this actually mean?

Does this work in .rds files? If I have, I don't know, Moscow_1, Moscow_2, Moscow_3, what happens?

How would bomb assignement work in that case? Planes bomb Moscow, so, would they choose one of the Moscow_n's at random? Would they always go to Moscow_1?

Could I have Moscow_1 and Moscow at the same time? Could I make Moscow as base, under those circumstances? I actually want to make a target rich environment, and a big city with plenty of industrial zones is perfect for it, so I thought that adding those would be a good idea, instead of Northern_Moscow, Southeast_Moscow or whatever.


4. Say I want a Location_Station being bombed. How could I do that? I've just seen train busting missions, but I want to bomb static trains. Of course, adding Location_Station to the .rds file doesn't work.



You always help me, and I doubt I can buy you a hamburger, so have an awesome gecko instead

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The DCG CAMPAIGN INFORMATION (v3.21) (Compiled by Tailspin) :


And the Lonestar's External DCG Campaign PDF :


Are all you need.

Please, download this 2 formidable tools, read them carrefully and enjoy...

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You should be able to use "_Ferry" as a base.  It's in the rds file.

Yes, you can use Moscow_1, Moscow_2, etc.  If it were me, I'd name them by the suburb of Moscow though.  That's what I did, for example, for Odessa. 

If you put enough static train objects in one location (and not make them neutral!), DCG will bomb it.  The more densely populated an area is with static objects, the more likely it will be targeted (especially be medium and heavy bombers).

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What is the difference between using Location_n and Location_North, Location_South...? Does DCG recognizes that Location_North and Location_South are part of the same city? How about Location 1, ..., Location_n?

I mean, if a convoy appears in Moscow_1, would other Moscow zones also have their static objects again? How about Location_suburb?

Thanks! Have a hamburger, and some fries, for that matter.

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Then, Moscow_numbers aren't related to each other.


So, locations have a certain radius. Everything inside is part of the location and everything outside is not. In that case, for big cities, we have parts of the city that are too far away from the location itself to be considered part of itself. So, for example, we could have parts of Berlin as city that are outside the rdaius of Berlin as location. Did I get that right?

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Locations don't have a set radius.  Rather, each static object is assigned to the nearest location.  The quickest way to check the assignment is to cycle through the Stationary Object Activation applet on the Ground Objects Editor.  It'll show you the location each object is linked to.

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On 3/29/2020 at 4:23 PM, Lowengrin said:

The only locations that DCG recognizes as being part of a shared location are those that are _Harbors, _Ports and _Stations.  So Moscow and Moscow_Station are related.  But Moscow and Moscow_North are not.

Bridges too, as we discussed in another thread.
I should have put this before, but only now I remembered the Bridges.

I believe Bachheads and Depots are also part of a shared location.

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