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graphic upgrade?

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32 minutes ago, Jaus said:

What is it about the larger screen that makes spotting easier?   Is it just the single pixel aircraft are larger?

Everything is bigger, so distant things are easier to see.

32 minutes ago, Jaus said:

A 43" tv sounds like fun, but won't fit in my space.   What is the contrast ratio of the 43" tv?

Of course that is dependent on the type you buy.  OLED would be best, but the last time I looked, nobody makes that technology in any size 43" or smaller.  It is probably less necessary in those smaller sizes since smaller screens inherently look better than larger ones.  QLED would be about as good as you're going to find in that size range.  If you get less than 43", you probably won't even be able to find that.  Standard LED will be cheaper and by far most common, and should look very good, especially if you get a decent brand like a Samsung or Sony.  Max refresh rate will almost certainly be limited to 60 Hz, even though some advertise 120 or even 240....with those they use a proprietary term exclusive to their brand, and those basically just mean the it "looks like" or "seems like" higher refresh rates....but it isn't.  So don't get fooled by that. 

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12 hours ago, Jaus said:

A 43" tv sounds like fun, but won't fit in my space.

I used  32" TV for years also.  Get what you have space for, and what is appropriate for how far away your eyes are from the screen.  I went the "gaming monitor" route a while back, and even though it does have higher refresh rate performance and higher resolution than what I had, how that translates into real world visibility and quality of what I see is honestly not the improvement I had hoped for over that 32" TV.

"What fits" for me is really pushing it, for a 43" TV, for me.  But, since the outer frame size had decreased to almost zero, my next upgrade is going to "go back" to that, and screw the frame rates.  I've come to believe that the overall size is the most important factor, bar all others.

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I've done some rearranging to make more space and am now experimenting with different monitor arrangements.

How does FC handle a change in monitor orientation from 16:9 to 21:9?    Greater field of view?   Stretching image in one dimension to fit?


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The field of view would be greater, assuming the game could support that aspect ratio.  From what I've seen it seems to support whatever your native resolution is in Windows and Nvidia Control Panel.  However I have noticed certain "fish-eye" effects that vary while turning your head.  For instance, a plane may look a certain distance away, but as you rotate your view, it may appear to be closer or farther away, depending on which way you move.

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The cost of wider aspect in BoX, is vertical view (the image crops the top and bottom)

The field of view is locked in at 150 max! But youll get more real estate horizontal, less vertical

In other words the image will look correct, and not bring your face smashed into the gun sight

as it was a year ago!

The game plays just fine on ultra wide field of views....(5760 x 1080) But.............

Using the map has all kinds of problems in ultra wide.

Single wide screens (21 x 9) work well, as a few of our members have them.

And feel its an advantage on the map




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