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Update 4.005


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I'm not sure how much this will be affecting FiF but update 4.005 including all consecutive patches (two till now) totally change the interaction between ammo and objects. According to my experience from current iteration of TAW close hits do almost nothing while direct hits are way more significant. In several case, I experienced that 1 000 kg bomb missed the hangar for about 20 to 30 meters and did less then 10 percent of damage. SC 500 exploding off the train by length of single vagon damage it only for single digits percent. Below is the picture I took when I hit the undamaged industrial area in TAW with single SC1000 and got only minor damage to eleven buildings of three different types down there:


There is associated mission log:


The only kill I got was the AA gun destroyed by second SC1000 that hit it directly!!!

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I made a post about this in another thread about the updates, but in Jimmy Doolittle's autobiography "I Could Never be so Lucky Again" he describes ordering all bombers in the North Africa campaign under his command to use 500lb bombs instead of 1000 lb bombs because it was nearly impossible to kill AA guns without a direct hit.  I foresee more people using more conventional bomb loads from now on.

On 4/17/2020 at 8:40 AM, Luftritter said:

I've read descriptions of P-47 ground attack where a near miss with 500 lb bomb would flip the tank over.

How close of a near miss?  If you put one withing a few feet, probably.  Especially a medium or light tank.  Maybe not a Tiger.  But there is a HUGE difference in the blast pressures from 5 and 25 ft from the epicenter of an explosion.  I think the fact that every Tom, Dick, and Harry was off trying to level entire fortifications with SC1000s and 1800s all the time vs the fact that most of the bombs dropped in the war from all sides were 500lb or less (outside of special targets, obviously) is indicative of the damage model of bombs being a bit overpowered. 

There is a reason why bombs are laser or GPS guided these days. 

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