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DCG after-action reports not showing


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I know it's in my settings somewhere but not sure what I missed.

SITUATION:  DCG not showing the previous mission results summary for our coop missions.  Just getting "Nothing significant to report, select aircraft etc" at the start of each mission.

We're flying a coop Tarawa campaign with HSFX.  We just finished the Coral Sea campaign and the After-Action summary was being shown.  Obviously I've done something different while setting up the Tarawa campaign.  I thought it might be the eventlog or log as I had deleted the previous eventlog.  I have Online Briefing and Save Missions 'on' in DCG itself.
I can't see what I missed.
Any info is appreciated.

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On 4/23/2020 at 10:19 AM, Fhechene said:

This may be useful

I had something similar happen, but in single player. What happened is that I had opened DCG while playing and it synced with the log file prematurely.

Yes, if you open DCG while playing, it may sync the log prematurely.

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