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LogFileDate in DCG.ini


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LogFileDate = "none" even though I've got eventlogkeep 'on' etc.  Eventlog.lst is always 0kb empty.  So I'm not getting any debriefs of previous missions at the start of the current mission.

What am I missing?  It used to work.  The only difference is that I have the NG HUD mod now but that shouldn't affect this, should it?

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The empty eventlog saga continues....

I tracked down part of the problem.  I use Mission Log Reader (MLR) and it's pulling from an eventlog file and providing (semi) accurate mission data.  I was able to determine where this file is located.  This eventlog file for some bizarre reason is being stored in C:/..../users/appdata...  and not in the IL2 directory.  So the 'real' (current) eventlog file with actual data is in a different location and DCG is looking at an empty eventlog file sitting in the main IL2 folder.  So I know the 'why' DCG isn't showing debriefings but cannot figure out the reason the 'other' eventlog file is being re-directed.

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