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Post Update Kills


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I think it is a step in the right direction.  Much less gratuitous dismembering.  Though I think some are a little too strong.  A lot of the Russian early war planes were a lot of plywood and they seem to take a beating like they’re made from steel.  More fine tuning but it is better that you have to be able to put a lot of shots in where they count to get a kill instead of a few lucky rounds taking a wing off

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Yeah I thought that would have done more damage.  I also didn't kill the P-47 I shot right after that.  Reviewing the footage revealed he saved it from that stall and flew home.  I can more believe that with the Jug's reputation but I expected more from the P-51 wing hit and the bounce on the Spitfire. 

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I thought the GLOC was much better than the last video I saw (from Barton)  it was manageable... my opinion (who cares) is that it is still a little heavy...  it should come on a little slower but that's just me.  I was most impressed with the fact that the stricken planes are burning... this is something that was 90% wrong in RoF and it really makes a big difference. The reason is that once the plane catches fire it was considered destroyed. That means that no one else could get credit for the kill...  i.e. less guys diving in front of you trying to take credit. Oh sure, that still happened but not as much. I never saw a burning plane I shot that I didn't get credit for downing that aircraft. I would be interested if you guys have had the same results?

I assumed that they reduced the chances (another one of those lovely updates about the time they porked the gunnery) because of the graphic load on the program... but if you go back and read Manfred's book and his list of kills about 60 out of 80 definitely burned and he alluded to more than that.

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Isn't that plane supposed to be subject to high speed compressibility stall?

Anything going that fast with early wing design is going to be dealing with compressibility...  the point of the phrase is going that fast..... which is really a lot of fun... 

Fly the Zeke, deal with the lack or armor, fly anything German in FC and deal with dev induced penalties, try the fastest piston fighters of the war and deal with compressibility.

P-38 has been given a bad rap in a lot of flight sims typically for lacking maneuverability.... not true. A friend of mine that flew a P-47 with me, also flew with the P-38 and said they had a real tough time with each other, no one getting a clear edge. Both of them would out turn the Mustang easily. I talked with a P-38 group at a reunion and they said that if they got in too close with the Zekes or Tonys that they would go into a climbing spiral and the Japanese fighters could not match it because of the torque in the climb. The 38 having contra rotating props had the balance on it during a steep climbing spiral. He said that they could just keep spiraling up until the Japanese pilot was forced to stall or abandon the effort. 

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