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What are you guys watching?

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Saw Nolan's new film Tenet this weekend.  For those that don't know, it's about time travel.  It made me want to time travel back to just before I lost 2 1/2 hours of my life watching Tenet.

Like "What are you guys listening to?"  YouTube, Twitch, etc.   Here's one:  

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59 minutes ago, TedsOnMeds said:

On the Airwaves. Radio waves. 

Come on, some of us are young but we still love Military aviation history so we at least know that. At least I think that's what "Going on air" and "Going off air" means? 

Well, if you're not familiar with this image (and unless you're as ancient as those who are talking about this... you probably won't be) then you're not getting the meaning of  "Going on air" and "Going off air". This is what you would see in the desolate wee hours of the late night / early morning... often times wondering just what the hell you were doing staring at this stupid image on your black and white cathode ray tube...


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3 hours ago, Wittmann said:

I recently watched a good documentary on amazon  about  british jets.  Was  a pretty good show  never knew the  british sold the russians the jet engine that became the mig-15

Interesting discussion about it on Quora:

https://www.quora.com/In-1946-the-UK-government-agreed-to-sell-Rolls-Royce-Nene-jet-engines-to-the-USSR-as-long-as-they-dont-use-it-for-military-purposes-The-Soviets-quickly-started-putting-them-into-jet-fighter-aircraft-Was-the-British#:~:text='In 1946%2C the UK government,British government really that naive.”

I tend to agree with the first guy:

The Cold War did not really kick-off until 1947, and the Labour government in the UK were not knee-jerk anti-communists like most American politicians.

Moreover relations between the US and UK were not warm. The Truman administration had abruptly terminated Lend Lease after Japan had surrendered, forcing the UK to negotiate an emergency loan from US banks. This was considered to be an economic attack on the Labour government and its policies.

It was therefore considered to essential to maintain an amiable relationship with the Soviet Union. If only to stop the US from taking us for granted.

Selling the Nene to the Soviets was regarded as a good will gesture without great strategic significance: the Soviets already had access to German jet technology and the British had decided to concentrate future jet development on axial flow engines rather then centrifugal compressor engines like the Nene. If the Soviets did renege on the no military use clause and reverse engineer the Nene it would give them a temporary benefit but it would also send them down a technological dead end.

Still, it did allow the Soviets to field the MiG-15 sooner than they would have been able to without having the Nene to copy and it turned out to be a nasty surprise for the US.

BTW: This book is a pretty good read and he makes a strong case that the supposed 10 : 1 kill ratio of the Saber over the MiG was basically BS:


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That's a neat coincidence, I found that exact same video that Klaiber posted 2-3 days ago when looking up videos about the F-5. :)

That MiG 21 sure ate an awful lot of 20mm without taking substantial damage. Good fun and flying by all involved. I really do love Light jet fighters. They seem to be the closest modern jet fighters  to WWI/WWII style fighter engagements due to their limitations. So it always makes watching them fight really enjoyable. 

Bonus points for being so cheap and easy to produce that they'd likely be the main aircraft of any WWIII-esque conflict between major powers. (Can't poop out hundreds of F-35's a year, comparatively speaking)


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