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What are you guys watching?

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Saw Nolan's new film Tenet this weekend.  For those that don't know, it's about time travel.  It made me want to time travel back to just before I lost 2 1/2 hours of my life watching Tenet.

Like "What are you guys listening to?"  YouTube, Twitch, etc.   Here's one:  

How to turn jet fuel into noise, Cold War style. I have a feeling @Klaiber and @Erhardt are going to like this one.   

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Oh boy... The movie is an absolute classic in Polish aviation circles. I'd love to do some roadbase operations myself. Finding the right stretch of road is the hard part, especially on Caucasus. Not surprised they chose the Persian Gulf, though they should've found a road with no trees or lampposts next to it. :D I would never attempt this without working rudder pedals. Shame they didn't use proper Polish skins. 

EDIT: Hey boss, look what I found...


Not that I'm trying to suggest anything, but... You might have the perfect map to try some of these out. :D

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You can reference two Navaids, like the intersection of ARC II-1-5 050° and II-1-6 220°. Or the simpler single fix like RSBN 04, 120° for 120km. 

Figure out where the good sections of roads are and then figure out the marker. The pilot might need to fly high for reception and find the area to descend. Or, using the map to draw those intersections, can use pilotage to navigate, once in the area. 

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Not quite true. It's an excellent target rifle chambered for a superior cartridge, but as a military arm it suffers from a fragile stock (the piece of wood under the receiver and magazine is very thin), a fairly weak locking system (especially compared to the Mauser), rather slow loading (Krag speedloaders weren't used by the Norwegian military) and, most damningly of all, excessive production cost. 

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