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What are you guys watching?

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1 hour ago, Britchot said:

Just fell into this deep-dive playlist with my renewed interest in the Mi-8, due to the impending Mi-24 release.  It's a refreshing series that goes a lot deeper than the majority of YT content.  It doesn't just show you how, but why.


Great find! I flatter myself by saying I know the Mi-8 pretty well. I just spent 30min watching bits of his other vids in the series (admittedly looking for mistakes) & learned a few things. 
Its not the best pick if you just want to learn how to do something specific as he does go into a fair bit of detail but in overall body of knowledge I dont think there is a better series avail on YT. 

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Saw Nolan's new film Tenet this weekend.  For those that don't know, it's about time travel.  It made me want to time travel back to just before I lost 2 1/2 hours of my life watching Tenet.

Like "What are you guys listening to?"  YouTube, Twitch, etc.   Here's one:  

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On 4/22/2021 at 4:14 AM, Wilhelm_Reinhard said:

Fokker Dr.1 Replica (Sands design) with Le Rhone 9J: Chill31000 on YouTube

Highly skilled pilot, wonderful videos. In his demonstration of max performance level turns, you can catch glimpses of his control inputs. Videos of run-up of the 9j without the cowl (such a simple-looking engine), barrel rolls, loops, Cuban 8s, etc.

Chill's videos are outstanding.

Like this one - a rotary touch and go:


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1 hour ago, Yogi said:

Very cool story! 

The MiG-23 / MiG-27 and the MiG-21 (F-7) comparisons to the F-14A (starting around 12:00) are gold.  Really interesting stuff.

My favorite section starts around 7:04, but gets going at 7:14.

"The air-to-air version [of the MiG-23] has a very powerful motor.  In fact, pilots were kinda scared about how fast they could go in the MiG-23 air-to-air variant.  Sometimes they'd just go full throttle to see how fast they could go, and they'd look down and see, like, 820 knots on the air speed indicator.  One of the COs was quoted as saying: "that airplane would fly until it broke up... there was no limit on how fast it would go."  That airplane deserves some respect."

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On 6/7/2021 at 3:47 PM, Klaiber said:

MiG-23 / MiG-27 and the MiG-21 (F-7) comparisons to the F-14A (starting around 12:00) are gold.  Really interesting stuff.

Interesting sidebar, for sure the MiG-23 & I believe the MiG-21 i posted pics of last week are Constant Peg veterans. 

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Great video find!

The light colored -21s with the forward hinged canopy are the MiG-21F-13 "Fishbed-C" I think.  Or some version of them.  Perhaps the Czech-built version?


The MiG-21bis "Fishbed-L/N" that we have in DCS is much more powerful engine-wise.  But it's also much heavier, which makes it far less agile.  In one book I have, Soviet pilots talk about how the MiG-21bis "behaved like a bull" while the lighter MiG-21s were "like riding a stallion."

That could be some of the reason why their initial rotation is so much smoother at the beginning of the video you posted.

You can see some heavier MiG-21bis from JG-8 taking off here in 1990 (@10:46).  There is also a MiG-21UM (two-seater).

Regarding speed brakes, I sometimes use them on landing when I have to. :)


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5 hours ago, Britchot said:

Did they also have SPS improved flaps on those models?

I'm really not sure.  The SPS (Sduv Pogranichnovo Sloya - "Boundary Layer Blowing") system was tested in 1961 and went into production with Fishbed-D and Fishbed-F.  The MiG-21F-13 (Fishbed-C) technically predates it.  But I don't know enough about the F-13's system, or the J-7 / F-7 (the Chinese version).

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I wouldnt say our MiG-21 leaps off the runway. The profile I fly (assuming I dont screw it up) is apply back pressure at 250kph. If I am lightly loaded (A2A config) it will rotate at that speed & ill zoom along nose high with with the mains planted another 50-100yds before the tires leave the runway. From my perspective it seems smooth. 
If I am near MTOW I do the same tug at 250kph but it doesnt rotate until more like 280kph but then flies off the same as with A2A. 

I think the key is when you do your tug wait for the nose to come up & soon as it does center your stick & let it fly off. If you keep back pressure you will leap off the runway (and possibly have a tail strike). 

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