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S! All


I am not sure what is causing the disco at the beginning.  I am using the single line spawn in at the airfield. This limits about 6 planes in line and then someone needs to move forward for others to spawn. I am testing a multi line airfield spawn in. If it is successful, I will change them over. It would mean that you have to be careful when you spawn in because there may be someone in front of you.


Obviously I do not really know what is causing the disco. Why does it happen once and then not after the restart? Is there a maximum number of players no mater what is selected in the SDS file? at present we have about 64-67 players. Server file is set to 70. I will increase it to 80.


Have fixed a Supply Depot subtitle error again.


I have added a Central air start to the Entente side and an Entente air start to the Central side for the practice map. This will shorten the times for practicing 2 seater missions. These are just air start. You cannot land at them to complete missions.

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S! All


We switch sides this week.  Blue team is Entente and Red team is Central.

The spawn in point for planes has been changed from a single line abreast to an array of 5 wide by 4 deep. This is to allow more people to spawn in at a base. Please remember that when you spawn in there may be someone in front of you.  

This should also get rid of any bugs where planes spawn in behind hangars.  Famous last words.

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