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Congratulations, Cole Austin!

IRFC Hawkeye

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I'm happy to be the first to congratulate our own Hotlead on completing all of the requirements for his college degree.  This being an extremely unusual year, he will more than likely be deprived of the standard graduation ceremony that normally would take place at any American university.  Regardless of this, he has his family who are undoubtedly and deservedly very proud of him.  I want to add my own congratulations for a person who I am sure will be able to overcome any challenges ahead.

S! and Well Done, Hotlead!!  👍 

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Wow guys! I had been off the forums for while due to working on finals, so I didn’t see this until now. 

Wow. I seriously didn’t expect this; my heart is so full! 😊 Thank you for the well wishes, gentlemen! It’s definitely the end of a journey for me and it feels surreal being done. 

I’m going to be starting full time work on June 1st as a customer service rep/social media coordinator for Heart of Dakota Publishing. Definitely very excited for this next stage of my life! 😃

But I am also thrilled for some of the things that will stay the same. Like my involvement in WW1 flight sims with some of the best online friends and squadmates a guy could ever ask for. I am thrilled to be a part of this niche and look forward to sharing more memories in the virtual skies with you all! 

Prosit! 🍻😄

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