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Warthog - TARGET Programming


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I've been teaching myself the TARGET Programming interface. The goal is to mimic cockpit controls as closely to aircraft as possible and also have it make sense to me. My starting point was excellent work done by NOiD available on the DCS download pages for various aircraft.

First goal was using the shift state to open switch covers, then have be able to press the button. So basically, multiple presses of the same button gets it done.

Good in Russian aircraft for Gear, Drag Chute and any function with a cover. I've also been working on long press & short press. This allows for same button with three different functions.

Working through it here, it's actually fun in a twisted way.Twitch Programming Stream



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Great mix of all the different peripherals!

I’m bringing home a couple left hand sticks for space games, now I need to figure out what to do with that. Probably swap with the throttle, but will definitely be looking for more permanent solutions when I move, this fall. 

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