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FIF 2020 Spring Campaign Paint Pack


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This is the official Flanders In Flames 2020 Spring Campaign paint pack.

It includes paint schemes for the aircraft present within the Spring Campaign.

It is compiled from current submissions, past packs, as well as community packs posted on the IL-2 forums.

If you don't see your skin present within this pack, but would like to have it included, please post here.

I will be happy to create updates as the Spring Campaign moves forward.

Note: all skins are the intellectual property of their authors.  If any author would like their skin removed, just ask.

If there are any questions, please contact @Klaiber and @Butzzell.

. . .

File: FIF 2020 Spring Campaign - 5 June 2020

Flying Circus: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kl89b1q4bevrj2l/FIF2020s PPack.zip?dl=0


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8 hours ago, GenMarkof007 said:

S! @Klaiber

The FIF package is missing the Sopwith Camel folder?
I know that 1PL have SopCamel skins.


Hi Gen,

There are no Sopwith Camels in the pack because there are no Camels in the Spring Campaign plane-set:




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59 minutes ago, GenMarkof007 said:

S! @Klaiber

Klaiber, it seem's that some people don't have the permission to view or to download the FIF 2020 Paint skin?!!
Please see this message from my thread: 

Hope we can find a solution before the event!


There is no way to preview the download.  The file is too big.  So viewing the file is just clicking on the link, being brought to the dropbox page, and clicking download.

Regarding any type of error in the download, I've renamed the file.  And have provided a new link.


Let me know if this works.

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