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Il2 Great Battles - Easy Mission Generator powered by SYNDICATE v3.2

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S! All,

Don't know if you know this - Easy Mission Generator by Syndicate...
But pretty easy to use and make yourself some COOP missions for all Great Battles & Flying Circus, Enjoy!

Please find full details and downloads on this page:
IL2 Great Battles Easy Mission Generator

And for instructions:


What is it?

A utility that will let you generate single, cooperative and even dogfight missions for the wonderful IL2 combat flight sim.

For cooperative missions it provides coops slots for one side only (PvE) or both sides (PvP). Besides the configuration options there will be both enemy and friendly bomber & patrol flights, vehicle columns, ships, AAA, cloud patterns etc, which will all be randomly chosen.

What is it not?

A dynamic (single player/MP) campaign generator. These have already been developed by others. The underlying generator will not track planes/pilots/resources etc over time, although it possible to create multiple missions and run them in chronological order, with airfields and lines changing over time.


Have fun!


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